On October 14, 2014, Minecraft was released onto the Playstation Network for the Playstation Vita. Users of the handheld had been eagerly awaiting the release of this version. Mojang and 4J Studios had announced the development of the game awhile back. However, delays and rumors made some gamers think the title would never see the light of day. The game proved to be one of the biggest releases for the Playstation Vita by hype and sales figures. What can users expect from this version of Minecraft?

Obviously, Minecraft is an insanely popular sandbox crafting and survival game. It’s been available on PC and other platforms since 2011, and new updates are released regularly. Players can jump into creative mode and build whatever comes to mind. Otherwise, survival mode is available to challenge players’ ability to fight against hostile mobs and gather resources. Multiplayer modes are available on most platforms, allowing players to fight against each other or build structures together. The options are nearly limitless with this title.

Minecraft On The Playstation Vita

Fortunately, the PS Vita version of Minecraft is the full game with almost full functionality. Only graphics and multiplayer features are drawn back due to the Vita’s hardware capabilities. Graphics still look crisp and smooth on the handheld console. When it comes to multiplayer, only four people can play together, which might turn off some users. Few sacrifices had to be made in order to bring this game to the Vita, though. All other features are available without limitations, and this version is superior to the smartphone variant of Minecraft.

According to the developers, the Vita version will receive the same exact updates as the Playstation 3 title. Users can transfer their games between the Vita and PS3, too. A cross-buy promotion was available in which buyers of the PS3 Minecraft game would receive a Vita copy for free. Without a doubt, having a full version of Minecraft on a handheld platform excites many gamers. Players won’t feel like they suffer from any limitations, and compatibility with the console version is always a bonus.

Where to Buy Minecraft For PS Vita

Currently, Playstation Vita users can grab Minecraft through the Playstation Network. A physical retail version of Minecraft is available in some regions and through certain retailers. The downloadable version takes up less than 300 megabytes of memory, so nobody should have trouble downloading the game. A copy of the game costs $19.99, whether it’s downloaded or purchased in physical form. Luckily, that’s a very small price to pay for the full version of Minecraft, and there are no subscription fees.

Grab Minecraft For Vita Today!

If a person owns a Playstation Vita, then they shouldn’t hesitate to pick this game up. The port to Playstation’s handheld was carried out with a full team, and very few bugs are present. Most users have reported that the game runs smoothly and performance issues are almost nonexistent. For that reason, the Vita version is a great addition to the handheld’s lineup of games. Other versions are available for the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Android OS, and iOS.

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