Once upon a time, things used to be really difficult when it related to communication, because there were hardly any means to talk to people at the other end of the world.

Then came voice chats and video chats but it’s the free voice calling apps that completely changed the scenario, making it easier for people to talk to one another, make voice calls and more.

But, most of them would want to have the other phone, tablet or PC to have the application installed on it in order to make free calls. While this is easily possible with friends, family and with your significant partners, you hardly can use this method to make calls to clients, business partners or anyone new, who lives in a different country.

The new free voice calling app Call+ tries to fill up this spot by allowing you to make free international calls to a lot of countries, 85 for now and the list is expected to grow.

Make International Landline Calls for Free

With Call+ free voice calling app, you will be able to make international calls not just in the United States but to 85 other countries without paying a penny. That sounds really good, but why would one want to offer you so much of stuff without costing anything?

They make this possible by asking you to sign up for offers, trial services and sign up for websites to cover the costs. In other words, it’s similar to many online websites, where they ask you to provide your e-mail id or complete a survey to download a file. You may be asked to sign up with a dating service, a travel coupon or speak to a customer care representative to rate their quality of service.

Packages and Plans

A list of packages are also offered by the free voice calling app Call+ which includes unlimited calling minutes for a day for just 99 cents, for a week for $2 and if you have so much of international calls to make, pay $20 and you will have unlimited talk time to every country in the supported list.

You can bypass this payment by completing offers and signing up to get free minutes for a specific number of days. The app is now available on the iOS, Android OSs and is expected to roll out on other platforms, based on how well it succeeds with the customers. Check it out and leave your comments below.

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