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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Will Lose To iPhone 7 Plus


There is plenty of speculation running around the internet right now and as usual it is difficult to gain an insight of what we can expect from these two new phone models.

The popular Samsung Galaxy Note series may have a lot of new changes both in its style and specs. The side-walled display of the iPhone 7 plus can be an attraction to many potential phone customers. The mobile phone market is still strong and people expect big things from the latest models, so unless other manufacturers can compete with these two newbies to the market next year, they will probably be left behind.

The Galaxy Note 5 is the up and coming new edition to the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The rumoured launch date is February 2015.

Specs for this Phablet are based on rumour and there is nothing out there that can be verified for definite. However, most agree that the display will have a different look to it and the stylus pen will feature a new functionality, but again there are no details of this, the phone may also have Android Lollipop 5 or 6 but again this is not clear.
If the rumours are true then this phone will be at the top end of the Phablet market, and may outshine the competition.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also expected to have increased storage capacity up to 128GB and micro SD support.

At this point in time most of the specifications are rumour and Samsung have not yet released the full spec for its latest flagship in the Galaxy Note series. Samsung are depending on the Galaxy Note 5 to pull back on losses made during the past 12 months.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lose out to the iPhone 7 plus? Apple are not giving much away at this point. The iPhone 7 plus is expected to be released around October 2015. However, speculation about the specs of this phone are indicating that the phone will have a side-wall display. Which means that the display will wrap around the sides of the phone.

Speculation regarding the internal specs is sparse, but it is believed that the phone will have the Android 5 or 6 Lollipop.

The iPhone 7 plus may outshine the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with its side-wall display, this will be a novelty for many phone users. Of course the pricing of these new phones will also play a big part in the sales market.

Rumour has it that Samsung will be manufacturing the iPhone 7 plus but again there is no proof to be found. So until Samsung and Apple decide to release definite specs on their new upcoming models the world will just have to speculate and wait and see which of the two phones will shine in 2015.

Competition for the two phones will begin once the release date has been announced, then we will see the reviews and opinions regarding them. My opinion is that the iPhone 7 plus will outshine the new look Samsung Galaxy Note 5.