Don’t be surprised by the claim; but watching the single player campaign trailer found in Battlefield Hardline, we can’t help but realize that in some action sequences, the cinematics remind us of the formula set by the Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise.  

But, that’s just for a fraction of a second, because, unlike COD which is a complete military shooter, this one is set in an urban environment and it’s not about just shooting your guns all the time. Being a cop lays a lot of responsibility for the player and you can’t just shoot them down every time as one would typically do in most first person shooters. Visceral games have worked a lot to ensure that Hardline is not one among the lot.

Freeze – Use your Badge 

A realistic and more believable attempt to recreate the feel of being a cop is to let you flash your badge. There is an option in Battlefield Hardline to do this and enemies will most probably give up unless they plan to end up in prison all their life. But, you have to make sure there are not too many of them, because they could easily outnumber you, when you try to handcuff them. A really good attempt, this one and helps you relive the time of Swat 4 and other cop games.

Scanning through Case Files

Now, this is where the Sherlock Holmes part comes into the picture, because Hardline is about being a cop and a good one should always be able to produce the evidence so as to make sure the crook is locked up in prison promptly. You have to collect all the case files, look for evidences to prove a suspect as well as make sure the file is complete before submitting the criminal to the court. Everything sums up to an experience in a first person shooter like never before and with the DICE engine rendering some amazing visuals, this is going to be one game we couldn’t wait to try out.

Silent Takedowns

While the video showcases a lot of gunfights in Battlefield Hardline where you take enemies directly, distraction is an important part of sneaking up your opponents and taking them down without alerting everyone in the vicinity. It helps you stay low and complete your mission without having to become a commando every time. Use an empty bullet strand to lure them away and be a stealth killer.

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