Viber is an instant messaging, voice and video calling app that has evolved over a short period to become one of the most used apps in the VoIP industry.

Viber first came into the market as an iOS app, but it has ended up doing very poorly in this market segment. Instead, with the advent and boom of the Android devices, this app is doing so well in this market segment. It has slowly grown its user base and as it stands, Viber has more than 450 million subscribers across the globe. It has taken so little time for this app to rise to such prominence; someone even wonders what it will have achieved by the turn of the decade.

Make Free Viber to Viber Calls

The latest version of Viber 5.0 can be installed and used on any device, be it an iOS, Mac, Windows or Android device; it has no compatibility issues like in the previous versions. Using this app, you can make free calls that are unlimited, to another user of this app. Viber offers users with what other apps could not offer – free calling. This has been a large contributor to the immediate success Viber has seen in its short period of existence when it comes to number of users.

Users can not only make free voice calls to other users of Viber. This app has also introduced the video calling feature for mobile phones, something that was just available in PC versions. You can now enjoy free video calls on your mobile device and switch them to your PC, whenever you need, and vice versa is also true.

Viber is aware of the competition it faces and this is why the company keeps rolling out new updates and security fixes to ensure users get the best experiences when using the app.

Make Free Calls to Landlines in the USA

Viber is widely known as a platform for making free calls within the network. However, Viber offers users with a special feature of calling US-based landline numbers for free. This is a feature that Viber has made available for users in the USA alone and is exclusive to landlines. What this means is that if you wish to make a call to a mobile number in the US, you’ll have to incur charges.

Free Calls to Landlines and Mobile Phone Numbers

Viber is fully aware of the huge competition it faces in the form of Skype, WeChat, Line and Tango and as such, it is working towards gaining the competitive advantage over its rivals. In this line, Viber is working towards introducing an amazing offer for all users of the iOS 8.1.1 who download and install the latest version of Viber 5.0 on their devices. The offer is all about promoting the ViberOut feature which was recently launched to offer users with this ability to call non-Viber numbers.

Viber is set to offer free calls to both landlines and to mobile phone numbers, for any person using an iOS 8.1.1 device and who downloads and installs Viber on their device. According to a reliable source, it is thought that Viber is using this method in a bid to lure more users to use the app during this coming festive season. This comes in just about the right time when Viber has just launched the video calling feature for mobile devices. In this way, many people can make use of this offer and at least test the quality of video calls since the new app comes with improved HD codecs for quality images, at absolutely no cost.

Free Viber Calls are Limited

One thing that is certain about this rumor is that even if Viber offers free calls, they will certainly be limited calls. It is expected that the new iOS 8.1.1 users who install Viber will be given a one hour free calling period to call any landline or mobile phone number outside the network. This will boost the number of subscribers Viber has in this iOS market, as people will get a chance to test some of the latest features in the app.

This news hasn’t been confirmed by Viber yet and it’s still just a rumor. However, if it goes through, it will be a great way of Viber countering Skype’s free calling offer that is set to run until early 2015.

Visit the official iTunes App Store to download the latest version of Viber 5.0 for iOS 8.1.1 today.

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