Messaging apps are great in delivering services that allow users to communicate with each other directly and privately.

All conversations between users remain personal and it’s one of the appeals of chat apps today. However, Viber is thinking out of the box and has rolled out Public Chats – a new feature that allows users to share their direct messages publicly and broadcast them to the rest of the world. Viber is testing out if instant messaging can be put in a public platform and it hired personalities to do it.

Know What Celebrities are Talking About

Public Chats lets users take a peek at other people’s conversations and its first prospects are several well-known celebrities. The company knows that the only way for its new feature to gain attention is to let celebrities take part in Public Chats. Now, fans can “eavesdrop” on conversations between personalities and even like every message being exchanged between them. Is there a celebrity that you want to know how they talk to their friends?

Just Like Twitter

Public Chats sounds a lot like Twitter – maybe because it is. Celebrities tweet different stuff with each other, although they don’t tend to carry on conversations like they would on Viber. They might not start talking about more personal things knowing that there could be millions of people listening in, but that doesn’t mean to say that they would still participate in interesting conversations. Like with Twitter, you can also choose which celebrities you want to follow. You can search for group chats or even topics that interest you and if you find a group you like to listen in on their conversations, you just need to tap the follow button.

Increase Engagement for Users

One reason that Viber launched a feature like Public Chats is that they want the users to be more engaged in the app’s activities. Because the competition between chat apps is tough, Viber wants to take things in a newer level by letting ordinary users read messages of celebrities. The company also states that they don’t mind if other chat services copy the idea.

Still in Beta

As of now, Viber is still at the stage of giving users just a few glimpse of what the feature will be. You can only search and read group conversations of public figures, but you can’t participate in it just yet or edit the information. It’s unclear if the early adopters of Public Chats are getting paid to participate, but in a celebrity’s perspective, it’s a nice opportunity to extend his or her social media fan base, especially because Viber has 209 million users.

How to Participate in Public Chats

There’s no definite schedule on when the company will allow its entire users to make their conversations public but if you want to create your own Public Chats, Viber is encouraging its users to send an email to Public Chats can have up to 100 participants and any more than that will have to be added by current participants only.

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