The smartphone segment, especially at the top, has witnessed a sea change in the last 12 months with the flagship phones featuring 5 inch+ displays on an average.

This is a far cry from the 2013 models like the Motorola Droid Ultra and Motorola Droid Mini. As 2015 is about to witness phones with the ‘Ultra’ tag coming with more than 5 inches of screen size, the Motorola Droid Ultra feels comparatively smaller. This is the same case with the Motorola Droid Mini.


The display on the Motorola Droid Mini is just 4.3 inches in size. This used to be the norm for high-end phones when the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 came into the market. Compared to those days, however, several aspects have improved like the resolution. The smaller display coupled with 720p resolution means that the Droid Mini is capable of excellent pixel density. Even though the Motorola Droid Ultra suffers in terms of pixel density due to its 5 inch display and 720p resolution, it makes up with this larger display.


Motorola has ensured that water, from the odd splash, is unlikely to wreak havoc to the device. Despite the significantly larger display, the Motorola Droid Ultra is surprisingly the thinner device of the two. It comes in at just 7.2 mm, which is thin, even by today’s standards. The Motorola Droid Mini is more normal with its 8.9 mm thickness. Surprisingly, only 7 g of weight separates the two devices with the Motorola Droid Mini being the latest at 130 g.

Since the duo does not feature on screen buttons, users can take advantage of the display sizes at the fullest. Current Android smartphones tend to come with on-screen buttons, whereas these Motorola devices offer dedicated capacitive buttons just below the display.

Operating System

The biggest advantage of going for either the Motorola Droid Mini or Motorola Droid Ultra is its support to the latest Android versions. Even though these devices come with only a dual core processor rated at 1.7 GHz, they are set to receive the lollipop update in the near future. The products originally shipped with the android 4.2 version and they are currently running on the 4.4 version. Part of the reason for Motorola to consider offering the Android 5.0 is the generous amount of RAM – 2 GB – offered. The Adreno 320 is part of the package on both devices.


The RAM may be generous, but Motorola appears to have missed a great opportunity to make the Droid Mini and Droid Ultra extremely desirable. These phones come with only 16 GB of internal storage while there is not even the option of expanding memory through microSD cards. Just as with many other features, they share a common 10 megapixel camera in the rear and a two megapixel camera in the front.

The last remaining stocks of the Droid Mini will be priced at around $200 while the Motorola Droid Ultra is also expected to be priced around the same figure.

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