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How to Take Professional-looking Photos for Instagram Posts


Instagram has been on the rise for the past few years and now it has reached its 300 million active users.

With this rate, Instagram is quickly becoming the largest photo sharing service today. Because of its popularity, square photos are now the standard photo size in mobile photography. Instagram users have to adapt to this format and most of the time, the size is not enough. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of your Instagram photos. Here are some tips that would help you capture great quality photos to post on Instagram.

Focus on Your Subject

No matter where you place your subject, whether in the center of the photo or in another side, make sure that you focus the photo on the subject. If there’s too much background in the photo, place your subject in a way that it will still capture the attention of the viewers. Professional photographers would advise you against positioning your subject in the middle of the frame but this works in square photos if the subject can stand on its own.

Don’t Take Photos Within the App

You can take photos using the camera within Instagram, but this is not advisable, because the things you can do there are limited, compared to what you can do with your phone’s camera – no zooming in on the photo. If you’re using a smartphone, your phone’s camera is more than capable of capturing good quality photos. Take a photo using your smartphone’s camera and just import it on Instagram.

Use Right Lighting

Don’t always use the flash on your phone’s camera and learn how to use natural light. Soft, natural light always produces better photos. When you’re taking a photo, tap on the screen that shows the darkest area. The place where you tap the screen is the area which your lens focuses. You can also tap on different areas until you get the right lighting on the photo.

Keep it Simple

Instagram users view photos on their newsfeed through scrolling of the screen. If someone is following many people on Instagram, chances are he can easily overlook your photos. To make sure that your photo will leave a good impression and would make your followers go for a second look, your photos should be able to grab their attention right away. Messy photos are usually the first ones that go unnoticed, while simple but with a strong subject is worth looking at a second longer.

Use Photo-editing Apps

You can do so much more than Instagram’s own filters. There are many photo-editing apps that you can download and use for free. You can edit your photos using apps like Snapseed, VSCO Cam, and Diptic. And if all else fails, choose and apply the right filters on your photos. Don’t overdo it because photos tend to look a lot messier and unpleasant if you use too much filters on them. When you’re done editing your photos, save them to your camera’s library and open them in Instagram to post.