Of late, minor smartphone manufacturing companies have started to compete with the big guns in the mobile market.  

The accessibility of the Android OS to the minor companies saw the release of state of the art smartphones from small companies. Today we compare the Gionee Pioneer P4 handset to Samsung Galaxy Core 2 to determine the superior handset between the two. However, both the handsets are available at an almost similar price. Nonetheless, both handsets come with a range of differences, which can easily confuse the potential buyer.

Let us see how these two smartphones fare against each other.


Normally, the Chinese company Gionee produces state of the art handsets. However, that is not the case with the P4 handset. The smartphone appears slightly on the heavier side with a thickness of 9.1mm. In fact, the device weighs mere 88 grams. Gionee has managed to produce a lightweight handset bearing decent capacity. Equally, the Galaxy Core 2 handset from Samsung is a heavier product weighing 135 grams and measuring 9.8mm in terms of thickness. However, the use of plastic counters the enhanced weight of the handset, making it appear lighter than it actually is.


In the display department, both handsets incorporate a similar screen size of 4.5-inch, having almost similar pixel density of 205-ppi. Regardless, the Pioneer P4 display offers the users 16M colors, but the Core 2 can handle only up to 256,000 colors. The P4 edges past the Core 2 handset in terms of display features and performance, as most other handsets presently available in the market.


The Chinese company, Gionee makes use of a budget friendly spec sheet. The inexpensive Mediatek chipset, coupled with a decent quad core processor, clocked at 1.3GHz speed, powers the Pioneer P4 handset. As a result, the software spec sheet gets limited to the Android 4.2 OS.

Conversely, the Samsung handset comprises of the updated KitKat based Android operating system. Regardless, in terms of processor, the Core 2 lags behind the P4 handset. The Core 2 encompasses a quad core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz frequency coupled with a RAM of 768MB.


Both the handsets come equipped with rear and front facing cameras. Moreover, both handsets comprise of 5MP primary cameras for a decent photography experience. However, the front facing VGA camera of the Samsung handset lags behind the 2MP user-facing camera of the Gionee Pioneer P4 handset. Both handsets incorporate LED flash and autofocus features and both lack full HD video capturing capability.

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