Both the Galaxy Grand 2 and the BlackBerry Z3 are devices that offer a satisfying array of qualities for users that makes their life easier, especially if they are business orientated and need to stay in touch through several channels at all times with their associates and what not. For those of you curious about which of the two smartphones can better serve its owner, we have a smartphone comparison that is bound to help you get a better idea of which device is better for you. That being said, let’s jump in and see what these two pack.

BlackBerry Z3

With the BlackBerry Z3, it’s all about staying in touch and communicating as fast as possible. The web page viewing and sharing functions make it extremely fast and easy for users to manipulate online content, but the main attraction for this device has to be its keyboard. The BlackBerry Z3 comes with a very intuitive and smart keyboard that pretty much predicts what you are going to say next. It succeeds in doing this by recording all our typing habits and pulling them out when it thinks you are likely to use them as you type. Your messages and emails are also very well organized so you can go through them in a timely fashion and stay efficient at all times. For the business man or woman, the BlackBerry Z3 is definitely a great option.

Samsung Grand 2

From the start, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has the size advantage over the BlackBerry Z3. This means that the Samsung device has a higher resolution for its screen, which is 720 x 1280, while also providing double the storage capacity, with a microSD card option also at the user’s disposal. The Grand 2 isn’t perfect however, with the BlackBerry device sporting a noise cancellation mic hat the Grand 2 doesn’t have. In terms of sensors, both devices come with some that help the handset complete more tasks. The Grand 2 also lacks the maps and organizing tools found in the Z3. On the bright side, those opting for the BlackBerry Z3 won’t feel as big of a sting on their wallet, as the BlackBerry device is significantly less expensive than its Samsung competitor for today.


The BlackBerry Z3 cots around $215 on, while the other device, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2  can also be picked up from Amazon, but for a higher price of about $260.

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