The much awaited Apple Watch to release early 2015.

There is not an iota of doubt over the fact that Apple is the undisputed King in the tech space that comes up with a series of interesting and advanced tech gadgets from time to time. The latest addition to its long list of tech marvel is the Apple Watch. Apple has been working on this particular device for the past 3 years and has finally come out with an adorable model. It was earlier expected that it would be called iWatch but Apple has come out with the name Apple Watch.

Known to come with some impeccable functionalities and features, the Apple Watch comes in two different sizes of 1.5 inches and 1.7 inches. The watch has already created huge expectations amongst people all over the world and many are eagerly waiting for the watch to take its form and release soon.

The interesting aspect about Apple Watch is the fact that it is designed to carry on a wide range of activities that would make life comfortable and easier. Apple Watch stores and plays music as in iPod, measures heart rate with a tracking device, acts as an effective communication device facilitating sending and receiving of messages, audios, and calls and performs many crucial functions. Apple Watch acts as a storehouse of other apps as well.

Apple Watch is designed to perform an extensive range of features and the tech giant is trying to bring in all the features possible at one roof. It is designed to come in 6 casing material variants and 6 different interchangeable bands. Apple Watch is being designed as 3 different collections. The ‘Sport’ version is the basic one and the ‘Edition’ is the high end model. It is designed in such a way that it could be used by large number of people. Apple has concentrated on the pricing aspect as well and wants the product to reach to an extensive range of users all over the world.

Though Apple Watch comes with exceptionally advanced features, it has been promoting itself as a fashion accessory and has joined hands with Colette, a France-based boutique to preview the watch. It is expected that Apple will join in partnership with others as well.

The sapphire display is of high resolution and provides for a crystal clear picture of what is inside. The HD retina screen with sensors connects the watch to a wide range of app including the Apple Pay facility. Apple also has broadened its customization option and has included a whole range of features like animated images, characters and other such interesting features.

The Digital Crown button acts as a home button and also ensures to zoom, scroll and select the items without covering the space in the display. With so much to offer, there is no wonder over the popularity and high running expectations surrounding Apple Watch. Apple has send out feelers that it is set to release the Apple Watch by early 2015 and we all need to watch for its grand launch soon.

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