Google Fiber is the google’s fiber to all the premises services thereby providing a broadband internet plus a television to a small and a gradually increasing number of the available locations.

Most people do prefer Google not only due to its search engine services but also its motto to make sure that people’s life is better. Google fiber helps greatly in internet connection. It also has some great features that will amaze you. Below are some of the new things such as features that you need to know about Google fiber.

Faster internet connection

Nowadays, most of the browsing and downloading tasks are done through internet. Therefore, all users try all they can so as to get a connection that will be superfast in performing what they want. However, most of the today’s broadband connections are unable to do this faster and thus need for Google fiber. This is because Google fiber is capable of providing 100 times faster internet connection speed compared to the usual broadband internet.

Superfast and no buffering

The internet via Google fiber experiences no loading, no more waiting as well as no buffering. This is because the speed of Google fiber is given through the optical fiber connectivity. Crystal clear HD and instant downloading are all shared at a single click. Google selects Kansas as the checkpoint and then divides it into smaller groups referred to as fiberhoods. Fiber net will be available to fiberhoods with the highest number of pre-registrations. The network will operate at a very high speed when downloading or browsing. This service operates at a speed of 1000 MB per second. This network also allows the users to get anything they want instantly.

No wastage of time

This is yet another great reason as to why Google fiber is the best network. This is because it is provided only where the pre-registrations are raised by the neighborhoods. The team provides network where there are more pre-registrations. This network becomes stronger when the community is at its best. The best thing with it is that when your neighborhood gets a qualified through pre-registration, you will be sent an email showing that the network is available. You will be able to connect if you are interested. Once you have connected, you will be able to browse and download at a super internet connection speed.


The residents will be required to pay $300 which will be the construction fee. It shall be waived if they will sign a 1 year commitment for the Google fiber. Once this will be done, the users will have to pay another $70 per month that will offer them up to 1000 Mbps download and upload speeds together with 1TB of Google Cloud Storage. If you wish to get full fiber experience you will be required to pay $130 per month. This will give such users same perks of lower pricing plan. It also includes more than 150 channels as well as capability to record up to eight shows simultaneously.

Google Fiber is a great network, just as you would expect from this giant. Sure it will have some teething problems but  if anyone had a vested interest in creating a great fiber experience for you then it’s Google.

Technology Why Google Fiber is the Most Speedy and the Best Network