The Galaxy S5 was a pretty good device released by the South Korean multinational conglomerate company. However, the device has received some bad reviews from some users and it seems that Samsung is actually listening to them. New rumors suggest that Samsung is going to release Galaxy S6 in March 2015 and here are a few of the features that should be implemented on this upcoming device in order to be a successful one.

Better quality casing

The Galaxy line of smartphones received a really bad review about the cheap plastic covers they come with. Samsung should bring some different materials to their upcoming Galaxy S6 in order to make it worth the money.

It’s surely known that most of the devices are bought by the customers because of the look they have and only after that they worry about specs and features. Samsung understood this aspect also, and we can some significant changes on their Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha.

Better TouchWiz UI

Android OS is pretty awesome, but when manufacturers create their custom UI, it can ruin it. That’s what Samsung did with their TouchWiz, but it seems that they understood that and came with an updated version of this feature on their Galaxy S5. However, the new TouchWiz still needs a bit of polishing. We’re pretty sure that Samsung will announce that they are going to bring an update on the TouchWiz on their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6.

Better screen of 2K or 4K

Samsung Galaxy S5 came with a full HD 1080p AMOLED display and wee thought that is one of the best screens we will ever see. However, LG released the G3 with 2K resolution display and we think that Samsung will come with at least a 2K resolution screen or even 4K.

Removable Batteries

The battery life on mobile devices is improving and Samsung should keep the removable batteries in order to make its customers happy. In case they will go on the path that Apple, Sony or HTC went to by bringing devices with batteries that can’t be removed/replaced, they will most likely lose many customers.

Many customers prefer to change the battery from time to time instead of replacing the smartphone every few months. Some customers who are usually too far away from an outlet an entire day, prefer to buy an extra battery and when the battery that is inside of the smartphone dies, they just replace it. This way, they can keep their smartphone alive for an entire day while surfing on the internet, talking and texting.

Better camera

During the day, Samsung’s devices’ cameras are pretty good, as they focuses very fast and captures pretty good pictures. However, during the night we can’t say the same thing, as the camera is not that effective anymore. The camera really needs some improvements and Samsung should better bring it.

We can say that 2014 was a year of the self made pictures also known as “selfies” and the secondary cameras from the front side of a smartphone was used very frequently. With other words, Samsung should consider improving the front facing camera on Galaxy S6. The front facing camera from Galaxy S5 is only a 2MP one, which is pretty weak.

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