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WhatsApp Plus Provide More Interactive Features Than WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile application working as a messenger that allows users to write to one another internet.

WhatsApp Messenger is available for all iPhone models, BlackBerry devices, Android mobiles, Windows Phones and Nokia cellphones and allows users who have activated the service to send messages to each other regardless of the type of device they own. Thus it greatly reduces the expenses from SMS communication.

In addition to sending text message service users can communicate in groups sending each other images, and audio and video messages free of charge and as much as they like.

However, people who daily use WhatsApp for correspondence and sending pictures, are maybe faced with a serious security issue, without even being aware. Hacker News forum message gave the source to the information showing the problem of a universal encryption key that WhatsApp uses for all users, rather than using a differing encryption for each user.

This means that only one successful attack by programmed machines or hackers could result in the theft of all our content on WhatsApp application. Hopefully, this problem is to be resolved by the app’s developers.

Recently, the developer team has come out with WhatsApp Plus, a tuned version of WhatsApp which is now available for brand new versions of Android smartphones.

WhatsApp Plus unlike the original version has a plethora of customization options. You can customize practically any part of the app to meet your visual preferences.

Contact names and their status and backgrounds in chat windows and menus as well as the text color in the message window can be individually corrected according to your wishes.

Who does not like customizing personally, but still wants to give variety to his messenger, can use the built-in themes store, where dozens of pre-designed surfaces are available for free download. So, WhatsApp Plus users just have to let their creativity run wild and create Themes in Lamborghini or Windows Phone style that you can easily use.

If you like to send photos, music files, video files to friends via WhatsApp, you have certainly been troubled by the fixed size limit. Content that is larger than 12MB could not be sent. WhatsApp Plus allows you more flexibility and gives you the ability to send large files, of size up to 30 MB.

The official WhatsApp version must be removed prior to installing the APK file on your mobile phone. The official thread and link to download WhatsApp Plus XDA was removed due to copyright infringement. However, the APK file is still available for you to download.

“WhatsApp Plus” is replaced with the updates to the original with some new features and bug fixes. You can find out more about the latest changes on the official Google Plus profile.

With little time spared for making of WhatsApp Plus, we can witness very respectable results that will appeal to many users since it is visibly more pleasant than the original version. Bear in mind that this is a modified APK, so carry on to install and use at your own risk.