YotaPhone was one of the quickest smartphones that was released last year with two displays. The YotaPhone 2 is actually a stark improvement over its predecessor which has got bigger and also better displays that are wrapped in much sleeker package.

The most important thing about this smartphone is that its secondary E Ink screen is very useful in this particular time round. In fact, it has got its flaws and of course it’s very expensive and therefore it will not be everyone’s top choice.

However, it is quite simply very cool. The following are some of its amazing features:


The two displays of YotaPhone have actually received important upgrades this particular generation. Its predecessor had a 4.3 inches, 720p LCD display and now this new smartphone has got a 5 inches and 1080p AMOLED affair. Obviously, AMOLED displays are well known for their profound blacks as well as vibrant colors. Also, the viewing angles are absolutely superb and sunlight readability is good too.

Its secondary E Ink display is quite big on this smartphone, which is at 4.7-inch on the diagonal. Also, it sports a bit higher resolution of about 960 x 540 and is also capable of producing sixteen different ranks of gray. The best improvement to the E Ink display is that it is now fully multi touch-enabled.


The two cameras on this smartphone are very different from those that are found in its predecessor though it’s only one that was altered for the better. The front camera is now 2.1 megapixels which is better compared with the original’s IMP sensor. The major camera module is now 8 megapixels which is down from the 13MP on the original YotaPhone.


YotaPhone 2 arrives with roughly stock Android of 4.4.3 KitKat that is on board. In fact, several Yota customizations are operating behind the scenes. All Google’s services are present and it is nice to hear that music players and duplicate browsers aren’t around so as not to bung up up the application drawer unnecessarily. Also, there is hardly any kind of bloatware on this device.

YotaPhone 2 mirror

Yota mirror is the most powerful feature which allows one to transplant completely functional Android against its E Ink screen. In order to make this come to pass, you simply press and then hold Android home key positioned on the primary display whereby you drug your thumb towards the left so as to choose the Yota Mirror. You can actually do this anywhere you wish in any application.

Performance and storage

Yota made a number of compromises on YotaPhone 2 in order to keep it at least more affordable. The handset normally packs a quad-core of 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 chip that is paired with the 2GB of RAM and therefore we are dealing with flagship-grade interiors here. Also, there are 32GB of the on-board storage though that is your lot. There are no other configurations that are available and still there isn’t microSD card slot meant for simply increasing the storage capacity.

Other important features of this device include:

  • Battery capacity 2500mAH
  • Processor 2.2GHz
  • Weight 2500g
  • Colors black, white

So, these are some of the important features of YotaPhone 2 which are truly amazing. If you can, get yourself this device and you certainly won’t look back.

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