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HTC Desire 816 vs Sony Xperia C3 – The War between Two Branded Big-Screened Smartphones


The competition of big-screened smartphones has been taken to the next level by two impressive devices, Sony Xperia C3 and HTC Desire 816.

Being the preference of high-end smartphone users, both the devices have gained immense popularity throughout the world. But, which one is the better smartphone among the two? Let’s compare and find out!


The two big-screened devices are almost of the same size. While the Xperia C3 measures 156.19×78.7×7.6mm, the dimensions of HTC Desire 816 read 156.6×78.7x8mm. As per the dimensions, the Xperia C3 is slimmer than its rival. When it comes to the weight, Sony Xperia C3 weighs 149g while the HTC Desire 816 hits the scale at a relatively higher, 165g.

Coming to the model, Xperia C3 has sharp edges whereas the HTC Desire 816 has well-curved edges. Apart from it, the HTC Desire 816 has an Aluminum back cover that renders a Premium look, in the hands of users. On the other hand, Sony Xperia C3 has comparatively inferior back cover. Therefore, HTC Desire 816 is preferable by professionals, while Sony Xperia C3 is better for users who like flexibly-designed devices.

Winner: Tie


As both the devices are similar-sized models, the screen size of both the phones are about 5.5-inches. In addition to this, the Xperia C3, as well as the HTC Desire 816, share  the same resolution; both featuring 720×1280 pixels, which ultimately makes it 267 PPI.

The only difference between the two devices, in terms of display is the type of screen. The Xperia C3 has a Color IPS screen whereas the HTC Desire 816 features a Color LCD screen. Both the screens are good enough to keep up with the quality of texts, images and videos.

Winner: Tie


The Xperia C3 runs on 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor whereas the HTC Desire 816 comes loaded with more powerful, 1.6 GHz Quad Core processor. Apart from it, both the smartphones feature the latest version of Android, the Android v4.2.2 (KitKat).

Coming to the memory and storage, the Xperia C3 and HTC Desire 816 have inbuilt storage of 8GB with the availability of an external storage slot. The Xperia C3 can be expanded up to 32GB only, whereas the HTC Desire 816 is expandable up to 128GB. Additionally, the Xperia C3 and HTC Desire 816 run on 1GB and 1.5GB RAM respectively.

Winner: HTC Desire 816


The Sony Xperia C3 comes loaded with a standard, 8MP rear camera and 5MP front-camera. On the contrary, the HTC Desire 816 features a brilliant 13MP rear camera and 5MP-front camera. Both the devices consist of LED Flash that enhances light when a picture or video is being captured in a dark area.

Winner: HTC Desire 816


The HTC Desire 816 can be declared as the winner in terms of performance because of its excellent rear-camera and powerful processor. However, the Sony Xperia C3 cannot be said to be any less than the HTC device when the price comes into consideration; as the price of HTC Desire 816 is about $68 more than Sony Xperia C3. Therefore, choosing the better device between the two depends solely upon the preferences of the buyer.