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Nokia X vs. Nokia XL – Should Nokia Have Stick to its Android Venture?


Nokia came with all guns blazing, by releasing the Android based smartphones, when the Finnish Company was believed to be entirely dependent on the Windows Phone operating system.

The introduction of Nokia X and Nokia XL handsets equipped with the Android based OS, was considered by many as a dream combination. However, the OS used in these handsets is not a regular one used by Google in its other offerings. As an alternative, Nokia made use of open source OS version with restricted functionalities. Consequently, gaining access to Play Store applications directly would be a big problem.


Taking into consideration the design of both the Nokia X and the Nokia XL handsets, the screen size marks a major difference. The Nokia X handset is an ideal phone in terms of portability and convenience. On the other hand, the Nokia XL handset offers the user with a large screen for a superb multimedia experience. However, in terms of resolution, both smartphones offer similar resolution at 480 x 800 pixels. As a result, the pixel density suffers on the Nokia XL handset, because of its large screen size. On the other side, the Nokia X display offers average pixel density.


The large display contributes to the heavier weight of the Nokia XL handset. The handset weighs around 190 grams, making it closer to the phablet segment. In comparison, the Nokia X handset is user-friendly and weighs around 128 grams. Both handsets make use of IPS screen, which offers bright screen for decent viewing experience even under broad daylight.

Storage and Connectivity

Both handsets offer similar 4GB of internal storage capacity, along with similar external memory enhancement slot up to 32GB, through microSD cards.

Even in terms of connectivity, both the handsets offer similar options ranging from Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, 3G data speeds and Bluetooth. With respect to uploading, both handsets have the capacity up to 5.7MB per second and can download at a speed of 7MB per second.


Both handsets comprise of the Android 4.1 version OS. However, it is unlikely these handsets would receive any update in future. Hypothetically, the smartphone should cater the benefits of the Android applications, but Nokia controls the smartphones in this respect. Both handsets derive power from an A5 dual core processor, running at a speed of 1GHz.


The Nokia XL handset incorporates a 5MP primary camera and a 2MP front facing camera. The user-facing camera is ideal for clicking decent selfies and video calling. On the other hand, the Nokia X handset makes use of a smaller 3.15MP camera. There is no provision for the front facing camera in the Nokia X handset. The basic camera is not inclusive of LED flash along with other major features. On the contrary, the Nokia XL enjoys a LED flash for night photography, up to a certain extent. In addition, the size of the Nokia XL sensor is also larger than the Nokia X handset.


The Nokia XL smartphone can be availed at $180, whereas the Nokia X handset can be availed at a price of $120. Both smartphones are budget friendly.