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Skype Free Download – Make A Free Best Quality Group Video Call


Chatting has always been a priority of many people, and it is the reason why top software development companies tend to focus on coming up with reliable software and apps for chatting.

Though chatting has been used by many, video calling is also highly cherished. This is because a video call will relatively connect people more.

Some of the top video call software is Skype, which is many people’s favorite. You can also download it freely, for your PC or on your mobile device. It was launched many years ago, and recently, a few changes have been made. For instance, you can now enjoy free group video call, which was previously on the premium account or subscription.

The Communication

You can make free video calls, which is unlimited to use. However, there is a limit in the number of contacts you can call simultaneously. It allows you to make video calls to up to 10 friends across the platform.

The company has dedicated to offer the chance of people to communicate freely, and easily, from wherever, and at whatever time. Previously, it only allowed for the one-to-one video call, which only allowed for the loved ones to communicate. This would be inconvenient, because it would mean that you must make one call at a time, for the sake of keeping in touch with the persons of interest.

This option did not bring the family time, where you’d speak all at the same time, from different locations. And technically, it meant that you would pay for the service, since it was only available for the Premium users.

How To Make The Free Video Calls

  • Launch Skype, by simply clicking on it.
  • Select A Contact. When it opens, you will then go to Favorites, or People, then choose a contact you wish to call.
  • Add participants. When the window pops up, you will then Click on the + icon, then select the option to Add Participants.
  • When the screen opens, you will then choose the specific contacts that you would wish to call. You will only be allowed to add friends, though the premium version allowed about 24 contacts.
  • Make Your Call. When all is set and done, you will click on the Call Icon. When the call is made, the video call will connect as every contact receives their call.

skype group video calls

Additional Operation

With the video calling, you can still access some functions. Some of the things you may do while you are still on the call include the following;

  • View recent conversations. You can go back to the Home screen and view the people, recent conversation and favorites.
  • You can also decide to mute your microphone, suppose you need to put the call on hold.
  • Also, you can send IMs to the persons that you are calling.
  • You will receive pop up messages from your contacts when you are still on your group video calls.


Previously, you were only able to make group video calls, which was charged per month, quarterly, or per year. However, you will now make your calls to different people at the same time, without being charged any amount. Though it is only limited to a maximum of 10 people at the same time, you will still get to enjoy its services. It can be used for family times, video conferencing for business, and for any other situation that comes in hand.