In the ever growing market of instant messaging systems, there are few clients that stand out more than others. One of them is Telegram Messenger, cross platform instant messaging system that spreads through mobile and desktop market alike.

It is developed by brothers Durov who are founder of Russia’s biggest and most famous social network VK. Given that, you can rest assured that this is secure, intuitive and powerful messaging application.


Before we start listing all of interface and practical features, let us start with stuff that is under the hood. Telegram Messenger is based on MTProto data protocol that is custom build by Nikolai Durov who is mathematician. It uses end to end description to protect your secret chat messages who cannot be forwarded and will be self-destructed after some time. The main difference between secret chats and ordinary ones is that your secret chats are not saved on their cloud service, as opposed to ordinary ones, and can be accessed only from their original devices.

As we covered the main issues that you will probably want to know, we can go and list other features Telegram has such as Cloud use that can store all the files and chats you want on up to 1 gigabyte of space. Once in the cloud, you can view, download and delete every file and share it with who you want via Giphy. When you send your message you will notice checks, which indicate successfully sent and received messages. Double checks will appear when the recipient has read the message.

To further enhance security, you also have an option to confirm your phone number so that every time new device is added, you will get security code, IP address and the exact time of access. You can send messages to more users at once with personal lists and it also includes possibility to form groups with between 3 and 200 members.

Aside from all this features, Telegram has simple and intuitive interface that is easy to learn even for those who hasn’t got much experience with messaging applications.


To install Telegram Messenger on your Windows powered computer, you should go on to the and simply click “Get Telegram for Windows” and install the exe file you get. There is also a portable version available and its link is just under the main link.

To install Telegram Messenger on your Mac OSX machine you can simply download the app in the Mac App Store and the installation will be automatic.


Despite it has big competition on the market, Telegram maintains its place by offering top grade security protocols that are design to keep your chats as private as they can be. Whether you pick desktop or mobile versions, the simplicity, speed and intuitive design is guaranteed.

This is truly one of the best instant messaging applications to date that currently has no competition in offering the fastest and most secure instant messaging. We recommend at least to try it, as it is free and easy to use and install, you cannot lose anything.

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