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WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger – Features Comparison


Telegram Messenger is a new and growing messaging application, said to be greater than WhatsApp in various ways. Despite the fact that it is a pretty new messaging app, the signup number everyday is said to be quite high too.

The app feels and looks almost the same as WhatsApp messenger, but the question is, what stands behind that statement? Turns out that, the features presented by Telegram Messenger app are over and above the WhatsApp application. Below is a detailed comparison between the two.


The very first thing you would expect from a messaging application is the aptitude to send limitless messages to groups and individuals in an easy and quick manner. Both platforms enable you to create a chat and send messages to your friends, enables you to create a group chat and also create a broadcast list. The only feature that WhatsApp does not support is the creation of secret and auto-destructing messages, which is a feature found in Telegram Messenger.

On the Telegram Messenger, messages are only double marked when the second party has read your message. On WhatsApp, a double mark means that your message has reached the other party’s phone but not sure whether they have read it.

Both applications can send photos, videos, audios, location messages and contacts. However, Telegram app has an additional feature that supports the sending of documents such as zip or mp3, whereas WhatsApp does not.

WhatsApp maximum group chat capacity is 50, which is a bit small. The Telegram messaging application comes with a group chat capacity of 200, which means you can chat with very many people in a short time. Besides, with Telegram app, you can easily check how many people are online at the moment, whereas WhatsApp does not show which friends are online. This means you will have to go manually to each contact and check who is online.

Availability and Platform Support

Telegram app is a heavily encrypted and cloud-based app, hence can be accessed from a large range of platforms including desktops and iTouch’s. WhatsApp focuses on mobile phone platforms only.

Besides platform support, you can also compare the number of users and pricing of each service. WhatsApp has over 400 million users, whereas Telegram has about 10 million. The reason is however based on its new status and the failure to have the support of a big company like WhatsApp.

Telegram is a free service, whereas WhatsApp is placed on an annual subscription plan. WhatsApp also has some additional payment alternatives that allow consumers to pay a cut-rate price for a three or five year service extension.

User Experience and Configuration

Both applications are very alike in configuration and appearance options. However, WhatsApp lets its users to change their phone numbers on their particular accounts, whereas Telegram necessitates you to first deactivate your previous account and open a new one for your new number.

WhatsApp lets you email conversations, whereas Telegram does not.


For all the above features and reasons mentioned above, it is apparent that Telegram has an upper hand over WhatsApp and offers you more advanced features. Regrettably, many people have not given themselves the chance to see the incredible upside Telegram boasts as a service. And though ‘checking on reviews’ is a genuine way to make a verdict, it would be a good idea to simply try out something new.