The iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air Plus will most likely be released sometime in 2015. Apple released its iPad Mini 3 back in October and this new device features some minor improvements compared to the iPad Mini 2, such as the Touch ID sensor. It seems that Apple understood that they should bring some more improvements to iPad Mini 3’s successor as there are rumors saying that Apple will work more on the iPad Mini 4. According to speculations, Apple is planning on releasing an iPad Air Plus that will come with a 12.2inch display.

In concordance with MacRumors, Apple is working on a bigger version of iPad tablet. While the official name was not yet revealed by Apple, rumors say that it will be named iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus. According to a magazine from Japan, called MacFan, the iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro will probably measure: 305.31×220.8x7mm.

The upcoming device will be powered by an A8X processor, which is currently powering up the iPad Air 2 tablet. The upcoming tablet is expected to feature dual speakers: one below the display and one above it. Overall, the iPad Air Plus will be very similar to iPad Air 2.

As we told you above, iPad Mini 3 didn’t come with any improvements in addition to its predecessor, and the only significant feature that this device came with is the fingerprint sensor. It is believed that Apple is currently working on iPad Mini 4 and that it will release it with many new features. According to IBTimes India, the iPad Mini 4 will probably look like the iPad Air 2 but it will come with the A8X processor based on 128bit architecture, will have 2GB of RAM and it will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor. The same website claims that as soon as the iPad Mini 4 will be released, Apple will most likely stop manufacturing iPad Mini 3 devices.

In concordance with Fool website, the iPad Mini 4 will most likely be released sometime in October, as Apple usually releases them by that time, every year. However, since iPad Mini 3 is not doing very good on the market, Apple may decide to release the iPad Mini 4 sooner. According to MacRumors, iPad Air Plus and iPad Mini 4 will most likely be released next year, sometime in April or June. For now, Apple didn’t confirm any of these rumors, but we should expect some news from them in the near future.

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