Temple Run 2 remains one of the most popular mobile games today despite more games being released every day that also have interesting gameplays.

The game is free to download from Apple’s App Store and Android Play Store. Temple Run 2 is an endless running game that’s easy to be picked up whenever you want to keep on playing. Lives have no limit since you can quickly start running again after the game has ended. If you want to get a high score in Temple Run 2, there are important tips and tricks you need to remember.

How You Play the Game

Temple Run 2 is best played using your two hands. One hand is for holding your device and the other is for the controls. You should also make sure that you’re positioned comfortably when playing to avoid unnecessary movements. Temple Run 2 can be frustrating to play so it’s best to pick up your device when you’re relaxed and don’t have a lot of things on your mind. Clear your mind and focus on the game because if you don’t concentrate enough, you’re more likely to hit an obstacle or fall to your death.

Collect the Green Gems

If you’re just a few meters away from beating your best score and you suddenly die, the green gems will be your lifesaver, literally. These gems have the power to resurrect you after dying so you can continue to run. So, make sure that you collect all the gems you find on the way – even if it means sacrificing your life. They don’t appear often so you better keep an eye every time on any opportunity to collect one if it comes up.

Purposely Trip if the Run Gets Too Fast

When you’ve been running for a good number of meters, the run tends to become faster that you get panicky and sometimes this could lead to your doom. A great trick to do is to make the character trip on purpose by swiping to the side when running on a straight path. This will make the character stumble and it would generate the devil monkey in your pursuit but only for a couple of meters. After running for a short while, the monkey will disappear and your run will slow once more.

Practice a Lot

Practice makes perfect. Even in Temple Run 2, this saying is true, especially if you’re just playing for the first time. During your first several runs, it’s less likely that you will get a satisfying result but if you use these opportunities to practice, in very little time, you will be able to score hundreds of thousands after your first run.

Use Power-Ups

Collect and upgrade your power-ups because they let you achieve higher scores. The first power-up you need to upgrade is the Coin Multiplier. Coins are also a vital part of Temple Run 2 so you must collect as many of them as possible. However, if they are placed in hard-to-reach areas, it’s better to leave them alone. Coins, unlike gems, are not worth sacrificing your life.

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