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Viber 4.2 Latest Download Comes with Modified Features for Sending Photos


The latest update of Viber is version 4.2 and this version comes with new modified features for sending pictures.

Furthermore, this app also comes with new options that allow users to create a list of contacts they’ve blocked on Viber.

The latest update comes with many other notable features that include a typing indicator that shows when you are typing a message or replying to a message on both desktops and Android platforms. In addition, these features can also be accessed on the latest BlackBerry 10.

Downloading and installing Viber is a very simple process. All you need is to do is visit the official app store for your specific device and download it. You can also get the installer package of Viber from the official website of the app. After the download process is over, click on the file to install the app. The process of creating an ID should not be a problem. You will be asked to provide your phone number in order to complete the registration process. There are no passwords or usernames required in this process.

Once this process is done, the Viber app will configure your contacts list and immediately after it’s ready, you can start making free calls and sending free text messages to any of the people in your Viber contacts list. You can also send them audio and video messages, in addition to other multimedia files. In essence, the latest version of Viber 4.2 comes with a multitude of new features and updates that will make your experience of using the app one of the best.

Connect with Facebook and Twitter Friends

The latest version of Viber comes with additional features that allow users to link their accounts to those on Facebook. In this way, it is possible and very easy to share your multimedia files and there won’t be any need of having to log in to your Facebook account in order for you to share a file.

Just like with the case of Facebook, you can also connect with your friends on Twitter without the need of having to log in to your Twitter account.

Vibrating Alerts

Viber is used for making voice and video calls as well as for sending and receiving text messages. It is possible for you to use a ringtone alert that also includes vibration when you have an incoming call. However, you’ll first have to go to the “Use system sounds” settings from where you can change the settings in your favor.

The Free Reply Feature

Using this feature, users can send and receive free messages on Viber. Furthermore, you can also receive voice and video calls in HD quality.


A Broader Scope of Connection

This is a new feature in this app that has come to address the issues related to poor network coverage after Viber noted that most of its users are in developing countries and in most of these countries, the network connectivity or coverage is poor in some areas.

With this feature, users of Viber can now easily connect even in areas with poor network coverage. In order to enable this option, go to the “Auto” option.

Displaying your Online Status

The latest version of Viber 4.2 comes with a feature which allows users to show their online status to every other friend on the network as well as show them when they are offline. This feature can only be changed (enabled or disabled) once in a day (24 hours).

Delete Old Voice Messages

As earlier noted, Viber can be used to send and receive text messages as well as other multimedia files that also include voice and video messages. When these messages start accumulating, they can eat up too much of your storage memory. However, you can delete them. However, deleting these messages means you’ll never access them again, even when you restore the app’s data.

In order to delete a message, go to the specific message, tap, and hold. A menu will pop up with more options and from here; you can choose to delete the message.

This new version of Viber 4.2 has numerous advantages and with this app, you can save lots of cash you would have otherwise used to make calls and send messages using your telecom service provider.