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All About The WeChat – Free Download


WeChat, is considered one of the most popular social chatting apps in mobile communication around. The app offers services like, hold to chat, broadcast messaging, photo/video messaging, contact information exchange and location sharing. The app supports social networking through it’s feeds of shared streaming content and location bound plug-ins, to connect and chat with local or international users of WeChat.

Fellow competitors of WeChat that are relatively similar is “Whatsapp” but the thing is, We Chat has more to give to it’s users by letting them acquaint themselves with more friends via “ Shake”, “Look around” and “Drift Bottle.” Many seem to enjoy how the app gives them the freedom in creating their very own emoticons. 

When the WeChat app made it’s debut on Android, nobody could quite grasp on the essential power of what synchronizing networks have to offer with a free-cross platform in a single app. The experience of sharing in a whole new way was taking all the good out of the standard social network and infusing it into a totally unique and convincing environment with, group text messaging, images, voice notes,videos, location data and ton more. Below, there are some features and their descriptions listed, to give you a better idea of what WeChat is all about:

Chatting Through PC and Sharing Files

The use of Web Chat extends from your PC into the browser, by simply scanning particular codes within the site. Additionally, there is “file transfer”, where you have the option to transfer files like audio, video, photo, or other types of files between your computer and phone with the file transfer feature.

Voice Messaging and Video Chat

Another pivotal step in this social chatting app in which it has greatly ushered WeChat into the realms of mainstream popularity. Voice messaging and video chat is extremely user friendly, providing simple to use tools, while at the same time allowing its users the very best in sending and receiving voice, video and text messages.

Video calling

Video calling is about as simple as it gets. To use the free feature just click on the add button on the bar which is located directly at the lower part of the app, then choose video call…it that’s easy.


With the presence of pre-installed plugins, WeChat can simply add more moments. A new plugin utilizes a Facebook like feature, giving options for text, WeChat cover plus video and photo sharing as well. 

The Good

Aside from the novelty of the app, WeChat has a solid presence with it’s intune specialty of online chatting. The app particularly seems to work best through Android, the speed is more elevated and the messages essentially come and go at a quicker pace. If you are connected to Facebook friends, get yourself ready for a typing war, it is that much fun. The app also enables convenience for family and friends to come together and use it as a group chat, as well as create messages at a blazing pace.

The Bad

WeChat is Chinese based, very rarely you will happen upon chinese speaking individuals or other foreigner speakers, but sometimes a language barrier may present itself. Sometimes you will find, rarely albeit, troublesome individuals who are merely out to prank or cause some kind of mischief, via WeChat. Then there are times when you befriend passing strangers and create friendships but with this kind of service, occasionally it can be a luck of the draw type scenario.

Final Say

When compared to Facebook, Tango, Twitter and Palringo, WebChat offers the users all of those apps, wrapped into one…that friends, is pretty cool. It offers the best in multimedia communication flexibility with a downright hassle free convenience in text messaging, video/audio calling, hold-to-talk messaging, location sharing and photo/video sharing. If these things even remotely spark your interest, then it must be said, you have to try WeChat!