The Surface Pro 3 comes as a 3rd gen tablet from Microsoft.

It is the complete Windows 8 PC and has the same internals as the laptop. However, it has been designed as a hybrid, so that it can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet. There are certain additional features when compared to the previous version, namely Surface Pro 2.

Change in Stylus

The Pro 3 comes with an N Trig, a digitizer stylus, compared to the Wacom stylus of the Pro 2. The stylus in the Surface Pro 3, therefore, needs a battery, whereas that of the Pro 2 does not need one. The Wacom based stylus of the Surface Pro 2 also comes with higher sensitivity of 1000 plus, compared to 256 of the Pro 3. The new stylus of the Pro 3 is more accurate when used in the screen edges, whereas the Pro 2 stylus does not work very well at the corners. The stylus of the Pro 3 is, therefore, better for taking notes and for handwriting, but the pressure sensitivity of the Pro 2 stylus is more suited for digital artists.

Screen Size

The Surface Pro 3 comes with a larger screen than its predecessor. The Pro 3 comes with a 12. 1 inch display compared to the 10.6 inch display of the Pro 2. As it has a bigger screen, the Pro 3 can be said to be a very good replacement for a laptop. The new screens make the Pro 2 work well as a laptop and also as a tablet, as the screen in this case, is squarer.

Display and Resolution

The screen of the Pro 3 is larger than that of the Pro 2. In addition, the resolution of the Pro 3 is also improved. The Pro 2 has a 10.6 inches screen with a resolution of 1080p, which gives it a ppi of 208. On the other hand, the Pro 3 from Microsoft comes with a better resolution of 2160 x 1440, which results in a ppi of 214.5. It is only slightly sharper than the Pro 2, but the density is higher and the sharpness is not lost though it has a bigger screen display. The screen of the Pro 3 is brighter and offers better contrast as well.

Lighter and Slimmer

The Pro 3 is 800g in weight and is lighter than the Pro 2, though it is bigger. The Pro 3 is 9.1 mm in thickness compared to the 13.5 mm of the pro 2. The screen bezels are also narrower in the Pro 3. However, the Pro 3 is bigger in size, so you cannot fit it in the small tables on a flight or a train. However, the Pro 3 is a very good laptop replacement when used on a regular desk, though it cannot be a good replacement in all environments.

Improved Speakers

There are significant improvements in the speaker as well. The Pro 3 comes with speakers that are 45% louder when compared to those of the Pro 2. These can be very ideal if you are planning to watch Netflix while in bed.

More Powerful

The battery life of the Pro 3 is also better when compared to the Pro 2. The Pro 3 has a battery stamina that is better by about 20%. In addition, the Pro 3 is surely more powerful, though both the tablets make use of the same Haswell processor. However, the Pro 2 makes use of an Intel Core i5, 4200U chip, whereas the Surface Pro 3 has a higher Core i7 CPU. This has improved the performance of the Pro 3.

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