There was a book in 2010 titled, “Outliers: The Story of Success” which was plain and simply, an inspiration. It was the catalyst that sparked a change in some of the greatest footballers, which led them to a newer and higher level of success. The same teachings also have a way of integrating it’s powerful message into everyday life for everyday people.

The powerful spark of Outliers, was such an epiphany to how people approached the challenges of the sport and of life. It has the ability to teach an individual the adversity in improving and how to go about improving on a scale that never before entered any of our minds.

Those legendary footballers, Messy, Ribery and Ronaldo… how did they become so great at what they do? That deep and thought provoking question was immediately answered at the turning of a single page and when that page was flipped and settled, one solitary phrase just jumped right out…”10,000 hour rule.” Just like that, the head was clear and the truth was realized.

The Powerful Meaning of 10,000 Hours

The words that are laid down by author, Malcolm Gladwell were just mind blowing. His ideas were that if you practice a particular task in any given field for 10,000 hours, you can obtain those special qualities and enable those striking abilities that leave you in awe, simply wanting to become that. To put it another way, specifically in football, a player needs to play and train in the sport of football for 10,000 hours to reach the elite class of the game and the highest level of the premier league.

The many who have applied these teachings, started to show signs very early on and once they started, there were no signs of quitting.

If you open Outliers and look deep within the pages, you will soon find that the players put so much in, hours and hours everyday. Whether it’d be in the streets, in their yard, at home or even at a learning facility, all of these comments led up to 10,000 hours of their dedicated and focused time.

Learn Just Like Ronaldo Did

Cristiano Ronaldo really put in his dues and played consistently, every single day. He played not only all day but he played all day long, from morning till dusk in his very own hometown. This constant attention and practice actually deepened the passion which he started and it became more and more intense.

Is there actually any individual out there who thinks they have put in 10,000 hours of practice? A good way to look at it is, if you participated in game, everyday and culminated those 10,000 hours and you put your heart and soul into the ideas and beliefs that you can do this and become the champion you have always wanted to become, by reading the book and having a mental blueprint of how you should go about it the right way, you will be beyond impressed at the achievements you will be able to pull off.

It is Within You…Grab It

There is honestly nothing like it and if you look at the skills and successes of Cristiano Ronaldo, knowing that this was his path, it can make the dreamer wake up and see that exact path before them with their eyes wide open, looking at a future with promise and meaning. This could be you, your dreams materializing right before your eyes.

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