Grand Theft Auto V recently released onto the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This version of the game comes with various updates for players, compared to the original.

Without a doubt, every addition is designed to improve the experience and make the game an even more worthwhile purchase. Singleplayer has been modified with new content, and multiplayer comes with a variety of improvements. Rockstar continues to improve its biggest franchise, and most gamers will want to pick this one up.

So, what’s new in GTA V for the Playstation 4?

Updated Graphics and Improved Draw Distance

Rockstar has brought GTA V onto the current generation consoles. Fortunately, the game looks better than it ever did on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Playstation 4 players can expect vastly improved graphics at 1080p with extended draw distances. This means that players can see farther in every direction and with more detail. Of course, such changes make the game even more immersive and amazing looking. Each player should notice these changes almost immediately when they start the game.

More Content in Single Player

In the campaign, each player can expect to find more content. Extra side missions and other collectibles can be found within the game. Finding the peyote plants will turn players into various animals that can be controlled in-game. Undoubtedly, the extra missions make the game more fun and offer a slight expansion on the original campaign. Anyone that hasn’t completed the game before will have even more content to experience. Old players will find themselves doing more in the game than ever before.

Thicker Crowds and More Traffic

Since the Playstation 4 has more graphical and processing power, the game contains far more people on-screen. More pedestrians can be seen roaming the streets at any given time. Likewise, there’s more traffic than before, making the game even more realistic. This extra attention to detail makes the game far more enjoyable. Players can appreciate all of the extra movement on screen, and more pedestrians and drivers means that more mayhem can be created.

Coming Soon: Exclusive DLC

In the coming months, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will receive exclusive DLC that the older consoles won’t receive. Older consoles can’t match the power of the newer ones, so they won’t receive every update forthcoming. PS4 owners can expect to get more vehicles, weapons, and side missions in GTA Online than their counterparts. More additions to the campaign in single player could easily be made. For obvious reasons, exclusive DLC is an enticing reason to pick up this game on PS4.

A Game That’s Vastly Improved

On the older consoles, Grand Theft Auto V was already a technical masterpiece. It was a critically acclaimed game that looked great and ran smoothly. Now Playstation 4 owners can get in on the action, and they’ll experience something that other gamers won’t. This includes more single player content, far superior graphics, and a number of other things. For some people, exclusive DLC is enticing enough to warrant a purchase of the game. The PS4 offers the best GTA V experience possible today.

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