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Electronic Arts Updates – CEO’s Comment, Layoffs, Discounts and More


Electronic Arts has had a really busy week because a lot happened for the company within a fortnight.

The company’s chief officer commented that their games are really hard to learn, a layoff has been confirmed yet discounts are going on the other side.

Good news, first! The Sims series has been celebrating their anniversary for which the company has rolled out a discount on the latest titles including the Sims 4. If you have been planning to buy the game but wanted some cheaper pricing on it, this could be the best time.

And, it is even better when you can purchase it directly from the Origin distribution platform rather than having to go with third party retailers. There have been some issues with regards to resellers selling some fake keys that were purchased on the fraudulent market. Consider buying it from reliable sources so that you are always owning the right, working copy of the games.

Learning Curve for Games

In a recent event, chief offer at Electronic Arts said in a general way that games are still hard to learn. “The games people play can’t be instantly comprehended because people have to spend at least two hours to know what is going around. They have to spend this time even if it is a really basic game and they have to spend another two hours in asking questions. It could either be a question to the customer care people or to friends, family among everyone else. Only after this time, they will be able to play and enjoy it. Mastering it might take a long time, though,” he said.

Confirmed Layoff

Like many other companies, Electronic Arts had been facing some tough times as well. Even though, they are not bankrupt, the company is making some reforms and reducing the strength of their team in particular studios. This time it is going to be the one located in Montreal, Canada. Those people were part of some good games including SSX on Tour, the popular co-op Army of Two and Need for Speed – Nitro.

Only a small portion of the team will be removed, confirmed the company. However, Bioware which is also based on the same studio remains unaffected. The people behind the Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect series games will be working on new games as always without any delays or issues. The development process will be unhindered by this layoff.