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Downloading Viber To Take Advantage Of Free Calls And Text Messages

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At first glance, Viber seems like every other free messaging and communication app out there. It’s available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and other mobile operating system. Smartphone owners can use the app to lower their monthly texting and calling bill. However, most individuals use Viber as an alternative to their device’s stock text messaging platform. Viber offers a number of great features and is known for being a relatively bug-free app. Users can download and install the app today to get started with a better communications solution.

The Download Process For Viber

Users will download Viber like they would any other app for their smartphone. Typically, this involves navigating to their device’s app marketplace and then finding the app. Viber regularly tops the most popular apps list for most platforms. A user can always search for the app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Either way, they’ll need to initiate the download, and their device will install the app after it has completed downloading the necessary files. The app is then ready to go and requires no registration process.

What sets Viber apart from its competitors?

Unlike other free messaging apps, Viber doesn’t require users to create a dedicated login. The app utilizes a device’s actual phone number in order to verify a person’s identity. They are then able to use these features without ever having to take the time to log into the platform. WIthout a doubt, this setup is quite convenient for users that are constantly on the go. Fewer platforms offer a more stable user interface, and the app is packed with various options for communicating with others. Other apps simply can’t compare to Viber in performance and features.

What does Viber allow its users to do?

Viber allows users to place free calls and send free messages to other Viber users. Picture and location messages are included, too. Fortunately, a user doesn’t need to pay a dime to access these features. Public Chats lets users connect with celebrities, athletes, and other well-known Viber users. Few platforms offer so much without requiring an annual subscription or a one-time fee. With Viber, users can stay in contact with each other and do so without spending a fortune on calls or text messages.

Viber Web Client In The Works

Most analysts expect Viber to introduce a Web Client within the next year or two. Such a client would allow users to access the service on their computers instead of their mobile phones. At this point, it’s unclear how users would be able to access Viber because there are no login credentials. The company could introduce a QR code or other tokens for login purposes on the Web client. A Web client would make Viber even more popular, though.

Get Started On Viber And Experience Something New!

Viber is one of the best free messaging platforms available on mobile devices today. In the end, improvements continue to be made for the platform, ensuring that it’s popularity never wanes. Over 100 million people use Viber each month, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.