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Minecraft Xbox 360 – Sinking Its Claws into You


Satisfying your Creativity

Minecraft was first released in May 2009 for the PC and since then it has sunk its claws into millions of players. The best part of the game is that it is very rewarding and sets the imagination free. There isn’t one specific part of its design that is responsible for the success of the game, but rather that the various parts combine to offer an experience that liberates and satisfies the creative urge in the player.

It’s Different

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is a little different from the PC version. The similar aspects are that even in the Xbox 360 version, you still continue to create a world that is randomly generated and have to begin with nothing. You can proceed based on your imagination. There are no goals and you can set your own, such as building a shelter for yourself; creating tools and protecting yourself against monsters lurking in the night. You will never settle down in a single place, but rather be a nomad sailing through the rivers and the oceans or deep into the tunnels of the earth to find diamonds and other treasures.

Survival Mode – Tips

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft does not offer the Creative Mode that is present in the desktop version. However, it comes with a Survival mode, which is very user friendly. The version offers a comprehensive tutorial, covering all the basic points of the game. You can continue to play in that world with tool tips regularly popping up. This is very useful for new players, as they are able to understand the uses of the various tools. You also have an inventory showing the description of each of the items, so that you don’t need to access a Wiki for enjoying the game.

Crafting System Recreated

The Xbox 360 version also has a new crafting system, which is different from the one seen in the PC version. All the materials that are needed for creating the recipe are the same as the PC version. However, it is easier to build the recipes using only a few button pressings. All the products that can be created are divided into categories and you can tab from one to the other in the crafting menu. If a particular material is not there, you can see this clearly, so that you don’t have to ever leave your game and search for information. It is, therefore, easier to just keep creating and indulge in adventures rather than opening up web pages and accessing forums for information.

Sense of Achievement

The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft explains all the features, but you still have to earn everything in the game. You have to harvest raw materials and create the house or the window or complete a 12-story tower. All this ends up installing a sense of accomplishment in the player. It all seems worth it when you find diamonds for mining or some other treasure in the unknown, which can make your dreams, come true.

The Cons

Many fans, however, have complained that though the tutorials are great and the crafting system is more streamlined, some of the gameplay mechanics are missing. This is because the game has been adapted from the PC beta version. For example, it is not possible to sprint and to stack food. Jungle biomes are missing as well. However, newcomers to the game will not miss all these features, as the core mechanics of the game continue to remain the same in the Xbox 360 version along with the same crafting recipes. This is more than enough to inspire players to continue playing.