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Skype vs. WeChat Free Download: Is Skype in Trouble?

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Are you looking for a way to reach your friend in Asia?

Or are you after an application that will cut your costs when keeping in touch with your relatives in South America?

Regardless of what you are looking for in a communication app, Skype and WeChat have got it all covered. You can get all you need as far as communication is concerned with either Skype or WeChat. Users of these two applications keep in touch with the help of voice and video calls as well as instant messages.

Skype vs. WeChat Free Download: Similarities and differences

While Skype and WeChat may be used for similar purposes, these two apps also have their own differences. Users of both apps can access free calls as well as free messages as long as the internet connection is good. Furthermore, you can install WeChat and Skype on almost any device running on any official operating system.

This means that users of WeChat can initiate calls or messages from a mobile phone and continue them later from a PC or tablet. Furthermore, this communication can also take place between a PC and a tablet, a tablet and a phone or a phone and a PC. This is also the case for Skype, which is of course one of the reasons as to why these two applications are very popular.

As noted earlier, Skype and WeChat have their own differences as well. One major one is with respect to signing up. While users of Skype have to go through a longer process of providing a user name, an email ID and a password, users of WeChat are only asked for their phone number. This number will act as your ID and you won’t need any password in order to access your account. Furthermore, there is nothing like logging in when using WeChat as your instant messenger and VoIP client.

In order to contact someone on WeChat, you need his/her phone number. This is not the case with Skype, which requires that you know the email address of the contact or his/her Skype ID, which is the username created during signing up.

Apart from these similarities and differences, Skype and WeChat are also equipped with a variety of features that also make them unique. Here are the features of WeChat and Skype.

Features of WeChat

WeChat has more than 400 million users across the globe. This application has managed this figure and yet it has less than half the number of years Skype has in the VoIP market. Here are some of the features that users of WeChat enjoy.

Free calls and messages

WeChat is a free calling and instant messaging application that can be used on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Regardless of the place, you can make free voice and video calls as well as send and receive instant messages, be it audio, video, picture or text. In order for this to work, a suitable internet connection – 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi – is paramount. These calls and messaging chats can be held with individuals or in groups.

WeChat moments

Using WeChat “Moments”, you can share photos with chosen friends on WeChat. This is a very quick and easy way of sharing your best photo moments with your friends where they can comment on them as well as share them, just like with Facebook.

Sticker market

WeChat is equipped with one of the largest sticker market. Using these animated characters, you can make your conversations more fun and lively.

Features of Skype

Skype is not a new name for most internet users. This app began in 2003 and since then, it has managed to stay at the top of the game, serving more than 750 million people across the globe with quality free calls and instant messages.

Free calls and messages

Just like WeChat, Skype offers its users with free voice and video calling services. The latter niche is where the app has received some high ratings as it offers the best as far as quality of picture is concerned. You can send free text, video and picture messages using Skype. One setback of Skype is that it has no voice messaging services. Better still, you can access high quality free group calls while on Skype.

Screen sharing

This is one area where Skype beats WeChat. Users can easily share their screen with other users by linking their PC to that of their friend’s via the Skype interface. Screen sharing allows users working on a single project to simultaneously view their worksheet.

SkypeOut feature

Skype users can make very affordable calls to non-users of the app using the SkypeOut feature. This feature lets Skype users make low-rated calls to mobile numbers and landlines, which is very cost effective, especially when dealing with overseas numbers.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a VoIP app to use on a mobile platform, WeChat is your best choice. However, Skype is the best when after a PC VoIP app. It also offers the best as far as business matters are concerned, unlike WeChat which is a best fit when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and relatives.

Regardless, the choice of which app to use still remains with you.