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With Google’s Android v5.0 Lollipop update installed in the Samsung Galaxy S5, the user would come across plenty of changes.

The design also finds changes due to the latest Android update. However, it also brings forth certain changes, which were not to be expected, such as Android Lollipop issues on Galaxy S5. With Android 5.0 issues increasing, find below some fixes for battery life issues.

The Korean giant rolled out the Galaxy S5 Lollipop update in December last year. It is Samsung’s first major Android update. The update was expected to bring forth plenty of changes to Galaxy S5. The update brought loads of changes in various departments such as performance, features, design and more.

For most Galaxy S5 owners, the latest Android Lollipop update is working fine. Their jump from KitKat 4.4 Android has paid off beautifully by providing them exquisite performance. However, it has several grieving consumers who complain about battery issues occurring after Android 5.0 Lollipop update.

How to Fix Galaxy S5 Battery Life Issues

Battery life issues have been the most common of all problems faced by most users after the latest Lollipop update. Complains about unusual battery drainage have come from far corners of the world. Most Galaxy S5 users have suffered a setback after updating the main Android update by Samsung.

The Galaxy S5 users on various carriers such as Verizon and Sprint have been complaining about poor battery life within a few days after installing the Lollipop update. As a result, several users have become irritated by the overall smartphone experience. With no specific fixes coming lately, few things can be tried before you take your smartphone to the store.

Third party applications have been determined as the major cause of most battery related issues. The applications would be the first to look into when battery life starts to show abnormality after the Android Lollipop update.

It is highly recommended that you should boot the device in Safe Mode. It would disable third-party apps that allow users to recognize the likely perpetrator. However, isolating apps would consume a lot of your time, but it is worth a try when the Galaxy S5 battery is coming up with major issues.

Find below the steps to boot the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Safe Mode.

  • Switch off the smartphone by pressing and holding the power key along with volume down button.
  • After the device boots up, you are required to release the power key, but the volume button has to be pressed and held down.
  • Let the device successfully enter the Safe Mode. A text would appear at the left bottom corner of the screen displaying the text ‘Safe Mode’.

It is highly recommended that Galaxy S5 app should be kept updated with recent enhancements and bug fixes. However, ensure to gather feedback before you actually try booting in Safe Mode.

Restart the Galaxy S5 to see whether the battery issue has been successfully dealt with. The quick reboot would clear cache and switch off services that are not required, but consuming the battery life. Galaxy S5 users could also try disabling Bluetooth and NFC along with clearing away live wallpapers.

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