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Google Play Applications Disabling Auto-update With Ease


If you have an Android phone, then you’ve noticed how the applications keep downloading updates from the Google Play, consuming the allowed amount of mobile data. You’d be frustrated too if you’d find out that your data was vanished before you got the chance to consume it by browsing the internet or actually using messaging applications. The good thing is that you can tell Google Play when to update your applications and not to update them automatically.

When you’re downloading and installing applications from the Google Play store, they download updates automatically. They do that to improve their performance, to be optimized on your phone or tablet so you won’t experience lags and other inconveniences. However, during the update process, the phone is slowed down and used your mobile data, interrupting you when you’re in the middle of doing something on your device.

It’s recommended to update your applications, so you should appreciate developers’ efforts to improve them, but the problem appears when all of them are updated at once, because at that point, the update process affects the functionality of your phone or tablet. This is why you should manually install updates and disable the auto-update applications feature.

And this is how you can disable auto-update of applications in Google Play:

First, launch the Google Play Store application, swipe out the navigation drawer on the left side, or use the menu from the top left which is represented by the three lines next to Play Store, and then click on Settings. Go to the General subcategory and tap on Auto-update application to get to the three main options that can ne reconfigured: 1. Do not auto-update apps, 2. Auto-update apps at any time, which will led to data charges 3. Auto-update apps over Wifi only.

If choosing the first option, you will manually launch updates, when you want to. However, you will still be notified that the application needs to be updated. If you want your applications to be automatically updated, but not to use your data connection, the third option is indicated.

To manually update applications, go to your list of applications by swiping out the navigation drawer and selecting My Apps. In the list of applications divided into two sections, you’ll see the updates available shown at the top of the Installed tab and you can choose the Update All button, to install all updates at once, or you can install one update at a time.