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GTA 5 Online Heists Release Date, Leaked Missions and Cars


If you are a GTA 5 fan, then we’re pretty sure that you’re waiting for Online Heists DLC like a kid who waits for a candy. According to a well known YouTuber that goes by the name of DomisLive, the Online Heists DLC will not only bring Heist missions, but it will also bring new vehicles in GTA Online.

According to the report, the GTA 5 Online Heists will bring five more heists for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions, while the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions will get one extra mission for a total of six Heists missions.

For now, nobody knows why GTA 5: Xbox 360 and GTA 5: PlayStation 3 editions will get an extra mission, but we will most likely find that soon enough. At the same time, the upcoming Online Heists DLC will bring some new vehicles. It is good to know that there will also be a Hydra jet plane which will be used to complete at least one Heist mission.

At the same time, you will be able to use special ops services such as MerryWeather and some backup services from Lester or other contacts. For example you will be able to use Lester to summon combat vehicles such as Hydra.

According to many rumors, there will be also a few new vehicles added such as Karin, Kuruma, Karin Technical, a new variant of Velum, many new motorcycles and a new helicopter that will feature armor on the windshield and on both of the sides of its body.

With other words, the upcoming GTA5: Online Heists DLC will bring many new features to the game and we’re pretty sure all the fans will enjoy them.

GTA 5: Online Heists DLC release date

When it comes to the release date of this great DLC, there is nothing certain yet. Some rumors say that this DLC will be released tomorrow, some say that it will be released right before the GTA5: PC edition will get released, which will happen in March 24, 2015. With other words, GTA 5: Online Heists for consoles will most likely be released before March 24, probably in late February or early March 2015.