Many gamers loved driving the amazing car that Mario owned in the Mario Kart 8 Wii U game but a toy maker has now brought the virtual vehicle to real life. The model may not hover but it still is a good collection to own.

Racing gamers often look and sound the same but the Nintendo’s version feels different mainly because it has a whole lot of different vehicles to drive. Among them, the one Mario drives has some great wheels and power ups to keep you going but it also converts into a hovercraft on the way.

The design of the new toy was inspired by this car which has convertible wheels and which becomes flat when you press a button. Such innovative things were not so common for toys but of late games and toys are being mixed up to come up with the next gen stuff that kids would actually enjoy.

Jakks Pacific Kart

The new Mario Kart 8 inspired racer vehicle from Jakks Pacific is completely authentic and it replicates the face of Mario as well as the plastic material would allow. It is a remote controller car which is seriously colorful with red, blue and yellow spread all over. Unless you hear the price, you probably would love to own this.

People who are serious collectors and just can’t get enough of the racing game can purchase this new RC car for $100. It might sound high for just one vehicle but gamers who invest in Amiibo and really love the Nintendo life of life would hardly complain. It comes with transforming wheels that instantly puts your car into hover mode as soon as you press a button.

No Hovering Here!

Just because the wheels turn sideways doesn’t mean the RC car inspired by Mario Kart 8 can actually fly or hover. Instead, it simply slides on the floor and move sideways like those water jets while the wheel will continue to spin as it would when in action.

The vehicle doesn’t come with in-built sounds which are a big disappointment because considering the price the makers could have probably included it to make it sound more authentic. If you own the Nintendo Wii U version of the game and love it too much, you should buy this one along with your amiibos. It has over a 100 feet range which is cool and authentic design.

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