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Waze vs Google Maps Free Download – Tips and Tricks to Use them efficiently


Many consumers assume that apps have no learning curve and one can easily master the stuff within minutes.

But, only when you know its best features, there is a possibility to use it efficiently and get the most out of it.

The problem is that finding the best maps app is a bit tough because there are many and even on the top list, you will find two different maps. Waze and there’s the good old Google Maps! The battle between these two different applications runs for a long time. Let’s discuss the similarities first. Both of them are designed to allow users to get directions for every turn and gives live maps so that you don’t lose your route. But, it strictly ends there because the unique features are what makes them different from one another.

Waze -Powered by Community

The biggest advantage of using Waze is that it is powered by a thriving community where thousands of other people in the locality continue to update it. One can’t do it with the Google version of the map as it works differently. In this app, users update it with real time traffic updates so that you can know the best route to take and the ones to avoid, if it is completely congested. It saves you precious time and some gas as well.

When you keep the app open and drive, you automatically contribute to the community and create a collection of maps to help one another. There is also a voice based navigation system which comes in handy to avoid accidents by focusing on the road, rather than having to see the app window before every turn. It also lets you find the cheapest solutions around like motels, gas stations and more. The app also records your frequent routes to give you best suggestions every day.

Google Maps – For Travelers

The Waze vs Google Maps war continues to rage on but as a matter of fact, it is completely pointless because the maps app is for an entirely different purpose. It has vast coverage of over 220 countries making it a great choice for international travel as well as street view to find a specific address in any location. The map doesn’t have actual driving navigation as in Waze but it does have biking and public transit solutions to reach a destination. You can also find great places to visit using the app.