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Apple iOS 8 Tips and Tricks – Enhanced Security and Improved Battery Life


The iOS 8 is the latest Apple operating system for the mobile niche and just as any other new software, this new OS comes with a plethora of new features.

With the new iOS 8, there are lots of stuff that have been buried into this new release and in the next section, you’ll be treated to six of the best tips and tricks you can use on your iOS 8 device to help you get more from this new Apple-based operating system in order to stay safe as well as increase your phone or tablet’s battery life.

Breaking down battery usage

Are you looking for the apps that drain your phone’s battery life? Well, it is very simple to check on such apps and take care of them in iOS 8. To do this, go to your iPhone’s “Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage” and from here you should be able to see a clear breakdown of your device’s battery usage in the past 24 hours as well as 7 days.

Furthermore, you’ll be availed with details of, when the iOS 8 device was last charged, as well as the time remaining until the device’s battery power completely runs out. In case of apps that consume high amounts of battery power, it is possible that you make use of them a lot or maybe these apps have some bugs that are resulting in these battery drains. Such bugs are usually taken care of in these applications’ updates.

Hey Siri

If you are a fan of Siri, this trick is meant for you. How will it feel using Siri in a hands-free mode? This will mean that you get to use your device even when it is connected to a power supply. To do this, simply go to your device’s “Settings>General>Siri” and from here, switch on “Allow Hey Siri”.

Of course, everyone does not get along with Siri, but if you do, this feature is great for you as it will be very helpful in controlling your phone, even when you are away from it or maybe when driving.

Requesting PC versions of websites in Safari web browser

When the mobile phone era kicked in, website owners had to overhaul a lot of things in order to accommodate these devices. In the end, there are websites dedicated entirely to these mobile devices. However, there are those of you who might want to view the full site on their iOS 8 device. This is very easy to achieve and using your iPad or iPhone Safari web browser, tap on the address bar and proceed by swiping down in order to reveal the “Request desktop site” option. Tapping on this option will get the full desktop site onto your iOS device.

Hiding photos

You may not be comfortable with all your photos being visible from everywhere on your device and as such, you can only keep them in your photo albums and hide them from any other possible locations. In order to do this, simply tap and hold on any photo that you wish to hide and from there, hide it. If this is done, this photo will only be visible from the Photo Albums; however, it will not be possible to see the photo in Collections, Moments or even Years.

Grayscale mode

You can play around with the tone of your iOS device by getting rid of some colors. To do this, go to your device’s “Settings>General>Accessibility” and then select “Grayscale”.

Using the Grayscale feature is one of the most effective ways of eliminating distractions that may result in focusing problems.

Displaying your Medical ID on your Lock Screen

When talking about personal safety, this feature is very handy. In order to use it, go to your device’s Health app and continue with tapping on “Medical ID”. Fill in your details and go ahead and choose to have this information displayed on your Lock Screen.

As noted earlier, this is a good way of ensuring personal safety since it makes it easier for medical practitioners to see your important health information, for instance, blood type and allergies, with a simple tap on the “Emergency>Medical ID” options.