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Facebook Messenger Free Download – Why You Must Download it Now?


Facebook Messenger is the new way of chatting that has got many Facebook users grumbling over the release of this instant messaging mobile application.

Many Facebook users have made their intentions clear that they want nothing to do with this new way of chatting.

Many of those opposed to this move by Facebook are of the view that this application is merely another addition to the many apps that are dominating the instant messaging world today. However, Facebook Messenger is here and it’s for our use. Facebook has imposed this instant messenger on users and it has made it impossible to view messages in the Facebook app, which means that users must download the Facebook Messenger in order to see their messages.

In short, if you want to view as well as send messages to your Facebook friends from your phone, you have no choice but to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger, which is a standalone application that is available for free and on major mobile operating systems that include iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone. However, the application is not available for desktop users, but they can still use it on PCs with the help of emulators like BlueStacks or Andy.

How to view your messages without Facebook Messenger

As noted earlier, Facebook has imposed the Messenger application on users, where they must download the application if they want to see their messages. However, this does not mean you cannot view your messages absolutely, without the Messenger; it is still possible.

If you are one of those opposed to the Facebook Messenger idea, there is another way out. You can save your phone’s memory for something else and instead avoid downloading the Messenger app. You can still view your Facebook messages using the Facebook web client, which still displays the messages, unlike the Facebook app, which has eliminated this functionality.

Viewing your messages without downloading the Facebook Messenger is very easy. Simply log into your web client account and from here, you’ll be able to see your messages directly from your PC. Despite the many updates that have come the desktop client’s way, users of this application can still view their messages from the client. Alternatively, you can open the official Facebook website using your mobile browser rather than use a PC and in the same way, you will be able to view your messages as well as chat with friends directly from here.

Advantages of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an outstanding instant messaging application and if you were thinking about not downloading this app, you better think twice. Using the Facebook Messenger, you won’t have to log in to the web client of Facebook in order to see your messages. Furthermore, unlike the web client, Messenger is a one-time log in application where you simply open the app like with other messengers such as WhatsApp and Viber and start chatting with friends.

Facebook Messenger supports push notifications and this means that no more missing of important messages while you are away from Facebook. You’ll be notified whenever there is a new message, something that you won’t get with the web client of Facebook.

Other than push notifications, users of Facebook Messenger can also enjoy sharing of locations as well as sending voice messages. These are some of the features you won’t find on the web client of Facebook. Users of this application can also keep in touch with each other using photos where they can take photos or even record videos using the front-facing camera of the phone.

Facebook Messenger is available as a free application and you can also include your phone number so as to easily contact those without Facebook Messenger on their devices. Download this app today from your phone’s official store for free.