HTC One M9 is a mystery until date.

HTC has been secretive, much like Apple, on releasing rumors about its latest device. Rumor mills run with the possibility of MIA HTC One M8 Prime having certain features incorporated in the latest HTC One M9. However, these are rumors nonetheless.

The smartphone is expected to feature a state of the art QHD screen, water-resistant body, enhanced camera, powerful Snapdragon 805 chipset and bigger 3GB of RAM. All the aforementioned features would make the latest HTC One M9 a perfect smartphone; but until date, the company has given no confirmation.

Regardless, what spec sheet the phone features, expectations sore high for the latest Android. The HTC One M8 has earned a place amongst the top rated phones in the smartphone arena. It has been a tough contender to beat, even for the latest Apple iPhone 6. Similar is the case with the original HTC One from the last year.

The HTC One M8 might not be a perfect phone, but improvements can be made in the near future. Moreover, technology has advanced since the One M8 was released. Find below rumors regarding upcoming flagship and the unveiling.

Better Build and Design

HTC has done great recently in the design department. HTC One M8 design has been giving a tough competition to Apple products. However, the design can be improved further.

Few buttons have been removed from the HTC One M8 design, which were featured in the original HTC One. Nonetheless, the plastic feel of the buttons can be further enhanced along with headphone port to be placed on top instead of bottom.

Dust and Water Resistant

Dust and water resistant feature would keep the phone protected from damage. However, the phone cannot be taken for a swim. Regardless, having knowledge that the phone would survive a slight shower or spill is reassuring. Moreover, with most phones being dust resistant, HTC is no exception to the feature.

QHD Display with Sapphire Screen

The HTC One M9 is expected to feature a splendid QHD display with 2560 x 1440 pixels of resolution. Additional pixels might not make a significant difference; the QHD display would certainly be noticed.

The screen is expected to be of sapphire crystal glass, making the device an expensive one. The sapphire screen is durable and makes the HTC One M9 the premier mainstream phone to have both beauty and durability. It would be a prime selling point for the device.

Added Power

Technology has reached a point, where almost every phone in the premium segment, with a few on the lower end, offers power and swift performance. The HTC One lineup is a powerful lineup. Expectations are to equip the latest Android with octa-core processing unit along with the Snapdragon 810 chipset. The phone should incorporate a higher RAM of 6GB or enough to make the smartphone come at par with other big guns in the market.

Improved Storage Capacity

The M8 includes microSD card, but enhanced internal memory would be much appreciated. The HTC One M9 is expected to come with a combined storage capacity up to 256GB beating the other Android phones comprehensively.

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