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Facebook Messenger vs. Google Hangouts Free Download – A Comparison of the Best Free Messaging Apps


Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts are two very popular instant messaging applications and for some, these two have become a problem to determine which app is the best among them.

The two instant messengers are very young in the instant messaging market, with Facebook Messenger making its debut in 2012 while Google Hangouts following it up the next year, 2013. In a very short period, these two apps have managed to gain a very huge popularity, with each of them having already reached beyond the 500 million mark.

Even though the enormous growth in the popularity of these two instant messengers can be attributed to the forces behind them, where Facebook Messenger is driven by Facebook and Google Hangouts is driven by Google; both of them still come with amazing features that have also played a huge role in their continued global popularity. In essence, these two apps have a lot in common; however, digging a little deeper will unveil some huge differences between the two and these differences have been highlighted in this article.

If you are looking to use any of Messenger or Hangouts, you’ll have to keenly look at their features and the services they offer. Here are some major features and services available on Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts.

Voice and video calls

With Facebook Messenger, you can only make voice calls. However, there is no video calling, a feature that is well supported by Hangouts, in addition to offering voice calling services. All users would want to have an app with both functionalities, so that you have a variety of options when you want to communicate, which is something you only get with Hangouts. Nevertheless, both apps are still equipped with instant messaging capabilities.

Media sharing

Using Google Hangouts, it is possible to send and receive media files that include photos and videos. You can choose a photo from your gallery or even take one and share it with friends.  You can also share your location with your friends. Facebook Messenger on the other hand is equipped with photo, voice and video messaging capabilities. Furthermore, you can share your location using this app. In this line, Facebook Messenger seems to be better equipped as far as media sharing is concerned.

Last seen status

Both applications have the ability to show your last seen status. It is possible for someone to see the last time you used Google Hangouts. Furthermore, it is also possible to see when someone is online or offline. There are lots of people who have expressed their concerns about this feature, citing that it breaches their privacy. However, there are others who appreciate this feature as it enables them know if someone is available for chat or not. It is also possible to tell if someone is ignoring you.

Other features

In essence, what makes Google Hangouts a better app is the abilities it offers as a video calling app. This application lets users participate in group calls with up to 10 people. Furthermore, this service is available for free and you can include any person in the group call regardless of their global location.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger comes with a rather simpler and cleaner UI, allowing you to see if someone has received your sent message by indicating it with the words ‘seen’ in addition to the time the message was read. On the contrary, you will only notice a quick pop up appearing in Hangouts as an indicator that your message has been seen by the recipient, but it’s very easy to miss it.

So, which app will you go for? Is it Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts?