The Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally here. After months of speculations, one of the most hyped and anticipated phones, in 2015, is ready to hit the stores.

Here are some of the features that make the Samsung Galaxy S6 a special device.

 Camera Features

The new camera on the Galaxy S6 brings so many features that we must put them all in one section. For starters, users can now get into the camera mode in a second and take the first snap. The quick launch option is available from any screen and users just need to double click the home button to get it started.

The camera also has an Auto HDR mode, which brings better quality to the pictures and scenes like landscapes. The camera will also adjust the white balance automatically. As for selfies, the Galaxy S6 brings a 5-MP wide lens sensor. However, users can still take a selfie with the rear camera, just like on the Galaxy Note 4, by tapping the sensor on the back and use a shooting mode that allows taking selfies with the rear camera.


For some time now, multitasking has been a feature smartphone users linger for. Since the rise of the display and its size, users believe they should be able to open more than one window. Tablets have this feature, but smartphones were behind. The Samsung Galaxy S6 takes the multitasking feature to a new level. The split screen mode is now set by default and users can launch it by choosing compatible applications from the ‘Recently used’ applications menu. This is more of a Lollipop feature than an S6 feature, but Samsung adds some finishing touches. The menus in the split screen mode are whittled down. The option to drag and resize the windows in split screen is available, and users can turn the multi windows into bubbles, just like on the Galaxy Note 4.

Free Storage

Well, it is not exactly free. However, in order to compromise for the loss of a microSD card, Samsung will give every user that signs a 2 year contract with a US carrier free 115 GB of cloud space via OneDrive.

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