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Chrome for Android Web Browser Free Download – Tips and Tricks on How to Improve Browsing Experience


Chrome is no doubt a quality browser and it’s one of the best as far as Android devices are concerned.

To add spice to it, Chrome has so many tricks that you could make use of and make your browsing experience with your Android device exceptional.

When Android Lollipop debuted, Chrome web browser suffered some changes where the tabs box was missing. But there is a way this can be turned around and this trick can be found in this list of tips and tricks on how you could improve browsing experience on your Android device.

Bring back the Chrome tabs

The use of tabs is one very convenient thing about using the Chrome web browser for Android. This is the purpose of the small box that you see next to the URL bar, which displays the number of tabs that are open. Why Google decided to drop this amazing creation in the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop is still unclear.

Nevertheless, there is a way this can be brought back such that you can no longer have your Chrome tabs together with the “Recent Apps”. Go ahead and open the Chrome browser on your Android device and tap on the menu icon located at the upper right. Tap on settings and then select “Merge tabs and apps” and follow it by taping on the slider in order to turn the feature off.

The next time you launch your Chrome browser for Android, you’ll notice the Chrome tabs back to where they belong, just beside the URL bar.

Quick switching between open tabs

The moment you have your Chrome tabs back in place, you can use the application’s nifty shortcut and quickly switch between any open tabs. On the toolbar located at the top of the browser, simply swipe right or left to go to the next or previous tab that is open.

Syncing Chrome bookmarks and tabs with multiple devices

In order to start syncing of Chrome on Android, you first of all need to set it up. This is done by tapping on the menu icon of the browser, then go to “Settings>Accounts>youremailaddress” and then follow it by tapping on the Sync slider located at the top of your display. If you opt to uncheck the “Sync Everything” option, ensure that you leave the “Bookmarks” and “Open tabs” boxes checked.

In order to sync your Chrome for Android with your PC, you first of all need to make sure that you are signed in to the PC browser. Open the Chrome browser on your PC and click on the menu icon located towards the upper right. Click on “Settings>Advanced Sync Settings” while at the same time ensuring that the “Bookmarks” and “Open tabs” boxes are checked.

In order to open computer bookmarks, tap on the menu icon and then select “Bookmarks.” Follow it by tapping on the “Desktop bookmarks” and you’ll have your desktop bookmarks open on your Android device. You can also open Chrome tabs on your PC using your Android device. This you can do by again tapping on the menu icon in Chrome on your Android device and then select “Recent tabs”. You can go ahead and select the device that you need to open Chrome tabs from in the list that pops up.

Data saving on Chrome

Chrome has one amazing feature, yet the most overlooked. The ability to save on data bundles is a welcome for every internet user. Chrome can shrink all the websites that you visit such that the data used to open these pages is greatly reduced. To enable this feature, hit the menu icon and then tap on “Settings.” From the list, scroll down to the bottom and select “Reduce data usage.” Tap on the slider and the feature will be turned on. You can even get the chance to view the data usage in a graph as well as figures.

Play a game when offline

There are times when you can’t connect your Android device to the internet. However, Google has you in mind and it has included a rather addictive game into its Chrome browser for Android. Once you see the Chrome message saying that you are offline, tap on the dinosaur just above the message and the endless runner game will be on. It’s easy to play; as the dinosaur approaches the cacti, tap on the screen and you’ll be over them.