Let us face it – GTA 4 is all about the money. With money, you get to buy the best cars, homes, clothes and whatever else tickles your fancy. But how do you get rich, fast? Here is an overview of the top 5 ways to get rich in GTA 5 PS4.

  • Rob Armored Cars

Want easy money? Why not rob an armored car? You can easily get $5000 for doing this successfully. All you have to do is search for a blue dot on the map and head over to it. The blue dot means that there is an armored car at that location. You can rob the armored car in two ways: either shoot the man walking towards the car with a briefcase or carjack the car and find a way of breaking the back doors. One way of breaking the doors is to drive it into water. Alternatively, you can plant bombs at the back of the car.

  • Rob an ATM

This does not mean breaking the ATM machine. Simply hang around the ATM machines and wait for people to come and make withdrawals. You can then rob them as they get out. You will get a decent amount of cash this way.

  • Easy $100,000 Mission

In order to access this mission, you need to play as Franklin. However, there are reports that Michael receives it too. To access this mission, you need to be alert as you roam around the house. If a blue marker pops up, head on over to it to check out what is going on. If you find a kid claiming he has lost his bike, help him get it back. Later in the game, you might get a call from him claiming he has become a millionaire. He will send you a gift of $100,000 as a show of gratitude.

  • Saving Sonny’s Daughter

Succeeding at this mission will earn you a cool $60,000. Head over to the north of Paleto Bay. There, you will find two men trying to kill a girl. This is the daughter of Sonny the mob boss. Kill the men and take the girl wherever she wants you to take her. Later in the game, she will call you and wire $60,000 into your account.

  • Rob A Store

You have probably watched the thugs do this plenty of times in the movies. Walk into any store and let the door close behind you. Move as if you want to walk out such that the door swings open outwards. Now take out your weapon and point it at the store clerk. Now you can walk in with the gun and rob the store. To do this, you will have to shoot the cash register. It will open up and money bags will appear.

To execute this perfectly, make sure that the door closes behind you when you walk in with the gun. You will have more time before the cops show up. If you do not want to fuss around at the door when walking in, you can simply shoot at the door the first time round. It is faster this way.

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