Android and iOS are definitely the two most popular mobile operating systems today.

However, when looking at the two of them in relation to each other, there definitely must be a winner and a second best.

There are different angles that you can approach this comparison. While it might be very hard to convince some iOS enthusiasts that Android is the better OS, we believe we have reasons enough to showcase the capabilities of Android that basically iOS users might find themselves envying. Here are our top 6 reasons as to why we believe the Google-based Android OS is far much superior than the Apple-based iOS mobile OS.

A bigger and larger Play Store

In the year 2014, there was a slight difference in the number of apps available for download in the Google Play Store as compared to what the users of iPhones could access in the iTunes App Store. Google Play Store had more than 1.4 million apps whereas Apple App Store had a significant 1.2 million apps available for download. This is a huge step for Google, an indicator that it is doing just as fine as, and even better than Apple.

More customization options on Android than iOS

Basically, iOS offers homogeneity; something that some users are not happy about. If you are that kind of person who takes into account a phone as an extension of your life, then Android OS is your thing as with this operating system, you can tweak just about everything that appears on your screen – be it your keyboard, home screen launcher or even your email application. This is even better when you get CyanogenMod as you won’t even need to have any of the unnecessary features pre-loaded on your device.

Availability of chargers

One problem with iOS devices is their custom chargers which can only work with iPhones and iPads. In case you forget to carry around this charger, it might be a huge problem coming across one, unless you get another from Apple.

On the other hand, Google’s Android devices come with micro-USB charging ports, of which the chargers can be found everywhere since they are shared by other devices as well. It’s easy to get a micro USB connector for an Android device than it is easy to find a charger for an iPad or iPhone.

Android phones are in plenty

Sometimes having a large variety of devices to choose from may make our choice unhappy, since we may believe that there is a better alternative to what we have chosen. This theory is called the Paradox of Choice. However, Android completely disapproves this theory as it offers a rich variety of options that will leave you completely satisfied with your choice. For instance, you can get an Xperia Z3 if you are going out for a hike, scuba diving or even mountain biking; the OnePlus One is one classy phone that comes with less Google services and apps and you won’t be disappointed with it either. You can also get the Galaxy Note 4 if you are looking for a powerful camera with great features. There is a variety of choice for every person, something you don’t get with Apple’s iOS, which only has various models of the iPhone to choose from.

No need for using iTunes

In order for you to be able to move files between your PC and your iOS device, you must have installed iTunes on your PC. Sometimes this application is just a mess to use and in fact, Apple at some point published a guide on how to get rid of this iTunes application from a desktop.

With the case of the Android OS, there is no software needed for copying files from a PC to the phone and vice versa. You simply drag and drop files from a PC folder to the Android phone.

Expandable memory storage

There is no Apple device that comes with an expandable memory slot, which is one area that the Android devices beat the iOS devices. In essence, what a micro SD card does is to simply double, triple or even quadruple the available memory on your phone such that you have more storage options. However, there are also some Android devices without the microSD extension slots.

In the case of the iOS, you’ll be forced to buy another iPhone with a larger storage space than the current device, just in case you want more memory.

Applications Top 6 Reasons Why Android OS is Superior than Apple iOS