The Windows and Xbox platforms are strongly merging into one single gaming arena.

But, when it does, the company sure has to focus on what the PC gamers love and the announcement has now officially confirmed that Xbox Live subscription is not mandatory.

Recently, during a conference, Phil Spencer announced that the players who purchase an Xbox One console will be able to stream and play all the games on their Windows 10 computers. It is a great new addition to the company, because by allowing such a feature, they are bringing two different types of gamers under one roof. Besides, it will also allow multiple players living in the same residence to make use of the hardware power available and play some exclusive titles on their PCs.

No Xbox Live Needed

One of the biggest problems of consoles is that it always required a subscription to enjoy features such as multiplayer and DLC downloads. Be it the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One, people had to pay $60 or more a year to be subscribed to their services. But, such things never exist in the PC arena where it’s all about gaming anywhere and anytime you like. Even the concept of DRMs and always on internet connectivity is highly flexible so as to allow them to play without difficulty.

Following the same footsteps, Microsoft officially confirmed that if people wish to play Xbox One titles on their computers, they don’t have to subscribe to the Live program. You will be able to directly access and play some amazing titles, including multiplayer specials like Halo, among others, without paying a penny. That’s good news for those planning to buy the console and enjoy those games on a computer.

Cross Buy and Cross Play

This is just the beginning, because during GDC 2015, Microsoft also announced that Xbox One will fully support cross buy, allowing players to buy a game once and own it on both the platforms; PC and the console for a single price. Some indie titles are already available and more is coming in the next few months. It creates a tough competition for Sony who allows cross buy only between their own PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles.

Cross play mode is also coming to the console which allows Windows gamers to play against Xbox One experts. It is going to be real fun and will also unify the games under one platform.

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