While Google Chrome may be the king of all web browsers, Firefox is right up there with it.

With the latest Firefox for Android devices, this is not just a mimic of the famous Chrome, but this mobile browser comes with plenty of features that are very unique as far as mobile browsers are concerned. However, you’ll also come across some features that are common for all the two leading browsers.

In essence, Firefox for Android devices has features that will make you want to think twice about using the Chrome web browser as your Android browser. Here is a list of our top 5 tips and tricks that you can implement and get the most out of, using Mozilla Firefox on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Tracking your downloads

Have you ever downloaded a file on your Android smartphone or tablet and later never found it? Well, this sometimes happens and it helps a lot when you have an app like File Manager installed on your device. However, most Android-based browsers have no provision for a simple download manager like with the case of PCs.

Despite this shortcoming, you can still keep track of all your downloaded files with Firefox mobile browser. Simply start Firefox and then tap on the Menu button at the top right. Select Tools and then tap on Downloads.

Save articles for later reading

You may be reading an article while on the go; something that might play a huge role in your inability to complete the article. Mozilla had you in mind when developing the latest version of Firefox for Android devices and as such, it is possible to save your article and keep on reading it at a later time. However, the browser must first of all recognize the article that you are reading. Upon verification of the article, you’ll notice a small book icon appearing towards the right hand side of the address bar.

Tap on this book icon and you’ll see it turn to orange, thus converting the article into Reader Mode. Tapping anywhere on the article will bring out a menu at the bottom. On the menu, look for a book icon with a “+” symbol next to it and tap on it to add this article to your “Reading List.” Follow this by tapping on the address bar and then swipe towards the left until you see your reading list. This article and any other that will be added to this list will be visible from here.

You can easily remove an article from your reading list by tapping and holding on its entry on the list and from the resulting options, select “Remove”.

Mirroring Firefox onto Google’s Chromecast

Chrome is a product of Google and so is the Chromecast. Despite the fact that this is a product of Google, it does not mean that any other browser cannot work on the stick. Using the latest Firefox for Android, it is possible to mirror specific Firefox tabs to your Google-based Chromecast and display them in real time on another probably larger screen. To do this, follow the below steps:

  • Launch your Firefox for Android and open the site you wish to mirror onto another device.
  • Tap on the Firefox menu located at the upper right hand corner of the window
  • Tap on the “Tools>Mirror” tab and on the “Send to Device” option, tap on the name of your Chromecast gadget.
  • To stop mirroring, you can tap on the Firefox menu button and select “Stop Mirror.”

Sync data between devices

If you have in the past used Chrome then you are familiar with syncing of devices with your web browser. This is still possible with Firefox for Android; however, just like with Chrome, you’ll first of all need to create a Firefox account. To do this on your Android smartphone or tablet, follow the below steps:

  • Tap on the Firefox address bar and swipe right until you see the “Synced Tabs” option. Tap on the “Get Started” option and then follow the instructions thereafter.
  • Once the account is ready, launch Firefox from your PC and click on the menu button. Follow it by selecting the “Sign in to sync” option and then enter your account details so as you can choose the data to sync.
  • To access the synced tabs on your Firefox for Android, tap on the address bar and then follow it by swiping right again until you see the “Synced Tabs” option. All the tabs that you have synced will appear in this section.

Enhance privacy 

When talking about privacy matters, Chrome is nowhere near Firefox. Google looks to acquire detailed information about you, something that Firefox tries to avoid in order to keep all users safe from any form of tracking.

  • Launch Firefox for Android and tap on the menu button to access the privacy settings.
  • In order to direct Firefox to send “Do not track” requests to the various sites that you visit, check this option.
  • If you tap on the “Clear on exit” option, you’ll have enabled a feature that deletes all your browsing history immediately after you end a session.

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