Sony is almost ready to roll out the next software update for the PS4 and the 2.50 versions.

It is going to bring a bunch of new features including the ability to allow players to stream their games in 60 FPS, which should dramatically push the quality ahead.

The information comes from Sony Computer Entertainment, Australia who has confirmed that the upcoming update for the Playstation 4 console has been codenamed as Yukimura. Yukimura is going to be an exciting addition for all players who own the next gen console and are looking forward to enjoying some innovative features. One of them is the ability to do streaming at higher frame rates. There are other additional add-ons as well including the ability to suspend or resume movies on Netflix, an easy to use friend finder through the Facebook social media platform and more.

60 FPS Streaming for Share and Remote Play

The advantage of the 60 fps streaming is that players will now be able to enjoy amazing games like Battlefield Hardline, the Order 1886 and many more on their PS Vita consoles with better frame rates. So far, all of them were running only at 30 FPS but if you have already enjoyed a game in sixty, you will easily know the difference because it is light years ahead in providing an engaging experience. The development engineers have finally found a way to increase the frame rate for this streaming service which is a welcome addition that many gamers would appreciate.

Resume and Standby Features

Increased frame rates is not the only one coming to PS4 console with the 2.50 software update but the new suspend or resume feature is another great addition. Players will now be able to use the power button to pause a game and keep the console in standby mode. It ensures that they don’t have to restart the console completely when they resume playing. It will resume from where you left the game which saves a lot of time and hassle. Players can also take a screenshot whenever they earn a trophy in the game and share it with their friends.

Those who are less than 18 when signing up will automatically be allowed to upgrade to master accounts as soon as they reach the legal age. You can also sync your Facebook account to find friends who own a PS4 console and add them to your list.

Technology PS4 2.50 Software Update Will Bring 60 FPS Streaming and more Features