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Two Advantages of Tango Free Download – Lowered Phone Bills & Better Communication


With the advancement of the multimedia mobile phones, modern men are spending an increasing amount of time glued to their mobile handsets.

While people use their phones to play games, take photos and to text, talking over the phone is still one of the most regular activities of a mobile phone user. International calls and at times even national calls can prove to be an expensive affair. One can easily avoid such expenditures by simply being smart about it. There are plenty of mobile applications that help to save significant costs on mobile bills. Some of the commonest ones are:


  • Skype – It is one of the most common applications doing the rounds. There are very few people who do not know about Skype; however the extent to which people take advantage of it is a different question. Skype has been used more as a computer application. The mobile application can be equally useful in the business environment. All one needs is a headphone to get started. Skype comes preloaded with some phones while others can download it for free on their mobile phones. It is particularly useful in businesses. While holding international video conferences or simply long business calls, it can save the company a lot of money.


  • Tango – Tango is another application which can be particularly useful in such circumstances. Once both the parties have Tango installed on their mobile phones, exchanging messages and free calls can be made using the internet. Tango functions smoothly on almost all the major operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows 8. It integrates seamlessly with the mobile phones. Tango automatically scans the mobile phone on which it has been installed and adds the contacts on the phone into Tango, so that the user can easily make calls or send messages to the contact(s). Like Skype, one can also make video calls using Tango provided the phone has a front camera.


  • VoIP – VoIP is slightly different than Skype and Tango. VoIP allows people to make phone calls over the internet, hence making the calling process a whole lot cheaper. However, one key feature of VoIP is that one can use VoIP to call a person who does not have VoIP. This feature is particularly important in the case of companies. Asking clients to install an application for a cheaper communication may not always be a good idea. Therefore, VoIP is more useful in such a situation. One can call a landline number or a mobile phone directly from the VoIP phone, using the internet. In addition to this, it is also possible to set up a PBX system through which people can make incoming international calls, to the country of the company, toll free. VoIP can be installed on a computer or a mobile phone like Skype or Tango, or one can also directly connect a cordless phone to a VoIP account. Whenever a call is made from the phone, it automatically connects to the VoIP account. Thanks to all these applications and a reliable internet connection, we have good chances of lowered costs on phone bills.