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Talkatone Free Download Voice Calling Messenger App – Pros and Cons Analyzed


The Android Market is filled with voice calling apps today; and why not?

Voice calls are way cheaper than making a phone call. All it needs is a stable internet connection and it’s on. One never has to worry about talktime any more. No worries about long distance calls. No connectivity issues. Everyone is spoilt for choices, when one wants a voice calling app. Even though Talkatone is not a new app in the market, it is a fairly rewarding choice. Let’s check out the positives and negatives of this app before jumping into the overcrowded market of VoIP apps to look for the perfect one.

What’s Good

  • The biggest advantage of Talkatone is that its users have the ability to connect with people through other social services, even if the person at the other end doesn’t have the app installed. Chatting, calling and texting; all can be done through this app, without the other person having to install it. There are many other similar applications on the internet which allows one to make calls and send text messages. However, Talkatone for now is one of the few apps that lets users communicate, both within the network and out of it.
  • The phone and app share the similar interface; so it is pretty easy to use. Unlike an app like Skype Mobile, where the interface is drastically different, Talkatone and a phone share similar interfaces including Recent menus, Keypad, Favourites, Contacts and others.

What’s Bad

  • It takes a lot of time to make calls to others who don’t have Talkatone installed on their device. It has to be activated through the Google account, Google Voice and must be logged in each time before use.
  • The voice quality of the calls through the app is not the best. This is definitely not crystal clear as promised. The users often complain that they hear noises in the background or that the calls drop or they hear stutter in their calls. With a stable internet connection, there is not much reason to complain though.
  • Talkatone provides a generic caller ID display. There is no caller ID to a specific contact; instead, the call will be displayed as a call from an unknown user from Escondido, California, to the recipient. It is important to alert the recipient that when expecting a call, he/she should not be confused about the location displayed on the caller ID.
  • It is pretty frustrating that one has to go through the drill of using Google Voice in order to send the text messages. It is very time consuming. To have to give the user ID and password before sending a message is as time consuming and cumbersome as sending an email.
  • The banner ads at the bottom of the screen can be very distracting. From time to time, in the middle of a call and texting, the ads take on the full screen and it can be very annoying. This obviously can be avoided, but for that, the app needs to be upgraded into ad free version. $9.99 is charged.