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Tango Free Voice and Video Calls App Free Download – Offering Touch Competition to Viber, Skype and WhatsApp


When a person buys a smartphone, he/she pays a lot of money for all the technology that it has to offer.

However if a user uses his/her smartphone smartly, then he/she could save a lot of money on the phone bill. Technology has a price but if one uses the technology to one’s advantage, it can more than make up for it. There are a lot of applications available in the market. With applications like Skype, Viber, Tango and Facetime, one practically does not need a mobile network service provider to make calls or send messages. All one needs is a reliable internet service provider. Let us see how.

  1. Free Messaging Service with Whatsapp – A smartphone user should not be sending SMSs to the other smartphone users and pay for every message sent. Whatsapp provides a more than adequate messaging service to all smartphone users. All one needs to do is to install this app on one’s smartphone. It is free on most platforms. However one may have to pay a nominal yearly charge to renew its services. This charge is very affordable and much less than the one you pay for the SMS service. The advantage that one has with Whatsapp is that the user is able to send multimedia messages too. It means the user can send photos, videos, music files, voice recordings to another person who has a multimedia phone, free of cost. Whatsapp can be installed on the Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Apple phones.
  1. Free Voice Calls – One application which enables the users to make free calls is Viber. In Viber’s case too, both the parties need the application installed on their phones to make free voice calls. Once the user downloads and installs the application on a smartphone, it automatically syncs and shows the user on the phone contact list as to which contacts on the list have got Viber activated. Thus, the user can call people who have Viber installed when both are on 3G or Wi-Fi free of cost. Add to it the fact that Viber is a free application and it becomes so much better.
  1. Free Video Calls – Video calls are very expensive when one makes such calls using the regular mobile network service provider. However, a smartphone user can make video calls whenever he/she wants, to another smartphone user free of cost. Applications like Facetime and Tango enable the user to do so. However, Facetime does not function on 3G. So Tango is a better option to make video calls from the phone. Like Whatsapp and Viber, Tango too does not need one to be signed in for it to work. When another Tango user calls the phone automatically rings. The video calls are very clear. Tango supports both the Android and iPhones.
  1. Other Options – Apart from  Whatsapp, Viber and Tango, there are lots of other options from which one can choose, to make video calls, voice calls or multimedia messaging free of cost. Options like Skype, Facetime and Vtok are worth mentioning.